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  Thinking about donating PA2A.org to FOAC
Posted by: RocketFoot - 04-14-2017, 06:37 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (34)

As many of you know, this forum is super slow!  A few weeks ago, Kim Stolfer asked me if I had any long term plans for the PA2A.org domain.  I was a little hesitant tio kill this forum, but Kim could really use a good domain to promote the 2nd A on a bigger scale!  I am thinking about donating the domain to him in order to keep it alive and help support the 2nd A. 

What do you guys think?  It will be the end of this forum but maybe the start of something even bigger!

  HTTP/HTTPS Conversions
Posted by: RocketFoot - 02-03-2017, 12:11 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (2)

Just in case you guys see anything weird on the forums in the next few days, I am trying to get the forum HTTPS compliant with Google's new SSL protocol!  You might see "Connection Not Secure" warnings or links to images but the site is completely safe!  I'mnot sure if we can ever get all the warnings off of a forum because some images are served from non-HTTPS sites, etc.  Most browsers allow you to turn off site notifications so that is probably the best bet for now. 

Just remember that this site is in HTTPS and is secured by SSL now so it is as safe as can be expected.

  New Forum Layout
Posted by: RocketFoot - 01-09-2017, 04:55 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (40)

Sorry guys, I know everyone hates change but I had to update the forum software to avoid hacking and also to prevent spam!

I'll be working on the layout and trying to make it better but this is what we have to work with right now!  Sadly, the forum is pretty slow and I will work on it as time allows.  Just hang in there with me!

On the positive side, the new software version is pretty fast!  


  Facebook Alternatives
Posted by: RocketFoot - 02-03-2016, 12:00 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (42)

Some of you may have heard about the sudden ban by Facebook on all groups that foster gun sales...probably even any group that is related to guns! It looks like it has started and pages are being removed...many groups are moving to MeWe.com or Partiots1776.com as alternatives to Facebook.

I have created a PA2A group at both locations to test the waters if anyone is interested...



I'm looking for feedback on which site you guys like better...

You will have to register on either site to participate but you can use usernames instead of real names if you like! Big advantage over Facebook right there, LOL!

  Private Facebook Discussion Group
Posted by: RocketFoot - 01-09-2016, 07:48 AM - Forum: Site News - Replies (27)

We have been seeing a decline in forum usage across the internet and a lot of it points to the popularity of Facebook. We have actually had a pa2a group on Facebook almost since day 1 but it really hasn't garnished much attention, so I decided to pull it out of mothballs and see if we can make it a popular group!

Groups are cool on FB because you can post comments and photos but they do not show up on your timeline so your regular friends don't see them (unless they are also members of said group) This makes groups semi private. I could set it to secret but then we wouldn't be able to recruit new members from FB, we could only link from the forums...this may be an option depending on what you guys prefer? Hit the poll above and discuss below!

The group page also has a really nice interface that allows classified ads as well! The group separates discussions from ads pretty well and you can search both sections independently.

So give it a try! You can always opt out if you don't like it!


  Scheduled Server Upgrade - Forum Outage Alert
Posted by: RocketFoot - 06-03-2015, 01:05 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (4)

Hi guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be upgrading the server to add more CPU power, more RAM, more back up space and more Disc Space! This will help speed up the forums and prevent sql crashes as the forum continues to grow!

The upgrade will be June 5th, 2015 at 1am...it should be completed in 5-6 hours. You will experience a system outage during the scheduled time frame. As always, there may be a few bugs after a big upgrade like this but we will be watching for them and fixing anything that isn't right after the upgrade.

Sorry in advance for any inconveniences but this is a big step in bringing the server up to modern terms!

  Anonymous VIP Upgrade!
Posted by: RocketFoot - 12-29-2014, 08:43 AM - Forum: Site News - Replies (6)

We received an anonymous donation in the name of Philadelphia Patriot! I have upgraded his account so he now has access to the VIP Lounge as well as extra upload space and more PM storage! Philly also gets to wear a new profile badge under his avatar!

Congratulations on the upgrade!! Big Grin

  Soberbyker Promoted to Site Admin!
Posted by: RocketFoot - 11-01-2014, 06:28 AM - Forum: Site News - Replies (40)

Hey guys, I have promoted Soberbyker to PA2A.org Admin! Byker has some great ideas to help keep the forum active and he has been doing an excellent job as Super Mod for some time! Plus, I could use the extra help as real life has been keeping me busy with work and stuff! Please give Byker a warm welcome as site Admin! Big Grin

  Random Act of Kindness!
Posted by: RocketFoot - 06-12-2014, 07:54 PM - Forum: Site News - Replies (6)

PA2A Member Goofin has donated not one but TWO VIP Memberships! He chose Emoticon and Camper to receive the upgrades!

Congratulations guys! Welcome to the VIP Crew and be sure to thank Goofin for the extra upload space, hefty PM storage and access to the VIP Forum!

If you are interested in becoming a PA2A VIP...visit this link:

  Anonymous Donation!
Posted by: RocketFoot - 06-03-2014, 06:38 AM - Forum: Site News - Replies (7)

A generous Pa2a Member has donated an anonymous VIP promotion in the name of:


Congratulations! Enjoy the extra upload space and tons more PM storage as well as access to the VIP Lounge!

If you want the VIP treatment...you don't have to wait for an anonymous donation...you can sign up for just $25 for life! It gives you a few extra perks and the donations helps pay for server and domain fees for the forum!

A donation of $125 earns you the coveted Lifetime Site Supporter rank with extra perks and a cool Patriot profile badge! Here is the link with more info!