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‘He dint do nuffin wrong’: Burglar gets lead poisoning, family aghast at outcome
Quote:Burglary suspect's sister says brother was 'good guy'

A neighborhood has been victimized by burglaries in the past few weeks.

Yesterday morning, the string of burglaries may have come to an end as a homeowner confronted a man burglarizing his property.

The perp ended up taking a dirt nap on the front yard after realizing the error in his decision-making.

Ernest Holdman was found in his nearly-final resting place (they’ll probably cremate his sorry self eventually) on the ground in front of his latest victime.

His family and friends? They showed up, aghast that a homeowner would cap their scumbag relative/friend for, as they called it, trying to steal another man’s $110 weed eater.
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This jack was neither,
He's one dead prick.....
[Image: incubi+INK.jpg]. ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN no diff
one less entitlement class critter, homeowner should get a medal
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Where's Jesse and al
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The story speaks of three shots in quick succession, then one final shot a bit later. I hope for his sake that they can't make the case that the homeowner executed the SOB once the threat was stopped.
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So in her opinion good guys go around at night, breaking and entering, stealing other people's stuff. What do bad guys do? Work?
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"He's a good guy, you know," said Lynn Eason, Holdman's sister. "He never really hurt nobody or went out of his way to be mean or nasty to anybody. Maybe he did get caught in the wrong situation, but I think it could have been handled differently, better than that."

Nope, from the rap sheet someone listed in the comments section, I think this was handled just right. THIS, is the sister's definition of a "good guy?"


F-10-024001 08/17/2010 09/07/2010 TAMPER/PHYS EVIDENCE
M-12-000199 01/03/2012 02/06/2012 TRESPASS/PROPERTY
F-11-030753 11/29/2011 01/03/2012 GRAND THEFT 3RD DEG
B-11-002965 01/22/2011 01/22/2011 LOITERING OR PROWL
M-10-036040 07/20/2010 07/20/2010 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-09-038723 12/01/2009 12/21/2009 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-07-012438 04/10/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/DWELL
F-07-017737 05/24/2007 06/21/2007 UNEMPLOY COMP FRAUD
F-07-008193 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC
F-07-008192 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-00-019592 06/21/2000 10/10/2000 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
F-99-007259 03/01/1999 04/07/1999 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
M-99-003665 01/20/1999 04/09/1999 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-98-042799 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATT/SPORTS OFFICIAL
F-98-042788 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATTERY/AGG/ATT
M-09-036581 06/20/2009 07/27/2009 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-09-020433 06/20/2009 07/20/2009 BURGLARY/UNOCC CONVY
M-06-019937 04/17/2006 04/17/2006 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-02-018589 06/26/2002 03/25/2003 ROBB/SUDDEN SNATCH
F-03-011385 04/24/2003 05/14/2003 BATTERY/FELONY
M-03-023199 05/14/2003 10/14/2003 BATTERY
F-05-012399 04/19/2005 05/18/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-05-012399-A 04/19/2005 08/05/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-12-008238 04/04/2012 05/03/2012 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC
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looks like he started around 18.... wonder what's in the juvie record?

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bigdawgbeav;92372 Wrote:looks like he started around 18.... wonder what's in the juvie record?

Yea, plus, those were just the times he got caught. Getting caught this time took care of the problem.
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Hard for me to really judge this one just from the news story.

He was on top of a trailer outside the home, stealing lawn equipment. Homeowner goes outside, confronts him, "exchanges words", then the thief is shot while "trying to get away."

It's reported that the shoot was justified under the "stand your ground" law.

Some crucial details must be left out. Might be shitty reporting (most likely), but I can't really support shooting even a hardened scumbag while he's running away (if that's accurate).
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