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‘Very upset’: CIA sat on Benghazi investigation, US personnel fuming
‘Very upset’: CIA sat on Benghazi investigation, US personnel fuming
Adam Housley

By Adam Housley
Published March 13, 2014

Sept. 11, 2012: A protester reacts as the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames.Reuters

American personnel on the ground in Benghazi the night of the 2012 terror attack are outraged after learning that the CIA's inspector general never conducted an investigation into what happened -- despite two CIA workers being killed in the attack and despite at least two complaints being filed by CIA employees.

Former Ambassador Chris Stevens, another State official and two ex-Navy SEALs working for the CIA were killed in that attack.

Many in the agency were told, or were under the impression, that an investigation was in the works, but that is not the case.
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The only way the myriad crimes of this administration get investigated is if the Demoncrats lose the Senate and the White House.
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30 seconds into seeing that story on CNN, and I was jumping up and down in the living room shouting "BS", at the television. My wife asked me what happened and I told her about the RIDICULOUS statement that the Obama Administration had just made, regarding a YouTube video. She asked me how I knew it was crap, and I told her, even going to CNN's website to get the picture they showed. As a former Army 12B, Combat Engineer, I have and have seen enough blown up stuff to be able to recognize debris patterns. Like fingerprints, they tell a story. The story this one told was of an object entering through the roof, exploding in the floor, and blasting upwardly and outwardly. That indicates either mortar or artillery fire, both of which, involve a COORDINATED AND WELL PLANNED OUT ATTACK! Angry
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