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12 yo with fake gun shot :-(
Here's a more complete video, showing him pointing the gun at people and milling around before the police responded. He pulls up his vest and reaches for his waistband immediately prior to being shot.

I'm not calling good or bad. Hard to tell.
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streaker69;157425 Wrote:Watching the released surveillance video, I'm not sure I agree with the tactics used. They charged in with in feet of him in their car, basically forcing a confrontation. I don't think they should have done that. It would have been wiser to come in with the car from a little further away, maintain some distance between themselves and the kid and then issue commands.

As it appears, much like the Walmart shooting recently, the cops rush in, instead of taking a moment to view the suspect, and issue commands from a distance that would give more of a reaction time. I don't think this is a good shoot.

They had to get as close as possible. Anything outside of a few feet and they would have missed. Angel
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Camper;157334 Wrote:
streaker69;157332 Wrote:At 12, I was riding my bike to the grocery and hardware stores by myself across a very busy road. I was going to the local Turkey Hill, riding to local fishing holes and many other places. I agree with Rugergirl. If your 12yr old needs adult supervision at that point, you've failed as a parent.

So was I. But society in 1984 was nowhere near like it is in 2014.

Yes... 2014 is much more like 1984. Orwell's 1984.
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Camper;157354 Wrote:
jahwarrior72;157352 Wrote:When I was 14, I was taking the subway from 177th St in Parkchester (the Bronx) to Astor Place and St. Mark's (Manhattan) by myself. I rode my skateboard across the entire borough of the Bronx, and most of Manhattan, without adult supervision. Plenty of nine, ten, and eleven year olds would go to the park without adult supervision, because they didn't need it.

Out of curiosity, would you let your 9, 10, 11, or 14 year old do the same today or do you think things have things changed where you can't?

It depends. My oldest is twelve, and I'd have no problem with her taking a COLTS bus around here, or walking a few blocks or riding her bike across town, because she was raised here. I'd never let her get on a subway in NYC on her own, not until she was acclimated to NYC, and mentally aged a few decades.

I was raised in that environment; kids learn early on what to do and how to act, if they have proper parenting. Even kids without it get by, though...maybe moreso, since growing up in a thug household might give a kid an edge in urban survival. I just lived in a very bad neighborhood with very good parents, one of whom grew up in abject poverty, killed a man in self defense before he was fifteen,and became a seasoned combat veteran in Vietnam. I had my own edge growing up.

Times haven't changeed that much; the biggest difference between my childhood and my kids' is the instant availability of information. The evils that plagued us are no different today. We just hear about it all the time now. I think the only real difference is with mass shootings. I never heard about them when I was. A kid, except for a few instances, like Luby's in TX, or the McDonald's shooting.
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