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$15 minimum wage

Quote: a survey conducted in 2014 by the Washington Restaurant Association, the top four responses of what restaurants predict they would have to do were: raise prices, lay off employees, reduce employee hours or close their business entirely.

Sad chuckle.....yay $15 an hour! Oh wait, I just lost my job.... Dodgy

There is no logic in this whatsoever. What happens to the secretaries making $13.50/hr? Now burger flippers will be making more than a woman typing 90 WPM and juggling phone calls. Prices will go up, so the $15/hour won't go any further than $10 did.

There's a reason these uneducated people fighting for this change can't think ahead to the wonder they don't have a better job.
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Don't fool yourself they politicians (at least the ones who aren't mentally handicapped like Pelosi) know damn well raising the minimum wage will do nothing to improve the quality of life for people and will only serve to bring about $15 big macs. They've done the calculation, they know raising the min wage will get them votes and they also know when companies respond by laying people off and going out of business the same politicians can blame the evil corporations and grandstand saying if you re-elect them they will fight the corporations who canned you by setting mandatory working hours and things of that nature.

It's like the global warming people who blame EVERYTHING on global warming even when things get hotter and cooler, when the truth is they really can't say for sure. This is part of the reason that if you get any kind of government benefit program for low income, low information voters you should not be allowed to vote because you can basically vote yourself a raise.
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Every business operates on a strict payroll to profit percentage. Let's say business A generates roughly 10,000 in revenue a month, cost of goods would be roughly 4,000 that leaves 4,000, operating taxes would be 2,000, rent utilities, fees and bills would be another 2,000 that leaves 2,000 for payroll and net profit, if the business is forced to pay employees 15$ and usually pays them 7.25$ the business will either have half as many employees, give them all half as many hours, have to double their sales overnight or just go out of business. Most businesses operate on a roughly 15% payroll to sales percentage.
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It's always funny with the minimum wage argument to run with their logic. If $15 an hour will have so many benefits to the economy why not go $50 an hour for everyone? They can't answer that point without exposing that what they believe is based on a false premise because if everyone has $1 that dollar looks a lot less enticing than it did when one person had a dollar and the other person had nothing.
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Now they are reporting that employees are requesting fewer hours, because with the higher minimum wage they would lose their benefits if they make too much money. Meanwhile, expenses are rising exponentially in the areas with the higher wages for everyone.

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