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15 weird things shot out of shotguns.
I thought this was a cool video. Among the thing they shot out of a shotgun are washers, dimes, .22's, gummibears, pieces of coat hanger, silly putty, gum, sharpie, and a hotdog.

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Cool stuff. I shot potatoes from a gizmo attached to a rifle before.
That's Taofledermaus, they have several videos on Youtube. I've watched several and I don't remember them making an issue of safety. That's downright irresponsible in my opinion. I've fired various non-conventional items from a shotgun but always paid attention to a few factors that could be safety risks. Their videos are interesting and somewhat entertaining but I hope people don't get the impression that you can just load anything into a shotshell and expect it to fire harmlessly. The diameter has to be small enough to pass through the barrel. Dimes won't pass safely through a 12 gauge full choke barrel. Another consideration is the weight of the payload. If the weight of the junk you're abusing your shotgun and compromising your safety with is heavier than the original shot or slug that was removed from the shell you'll be creating a higher chamber pressure than the original load, and just loading junk haphazardly could end up creating severely high and dangerous pressures. I'm sure the guys who made the video took at least some precautions but they didn't stress the importance of the safety considerations of diameter and weight of the replacement payload. Those of us who reload should be acutely aware of those factors but anyone who isn't familiar with reloading, load development and the dangers of over loading should be sternly warned against trying anything like this. There should also be a warning to caution people against loading with any kind of dust or powdered substance. Even though the weight might be less than the original payload, dust and powdered substances can be highly flammable, (to the point of being explosive), and should not be loaded as the payload in shotshells. (Don't ever try talcum powder. Although very light, it may very well blow up your shotgun; As in split or explode the barrel).
I hope I didn't ruin the excitement of the video for anyone but by the same token I hope that I sparked enough safety awareness that we don't start jamming anything and everything into a shell and expect to send it through a barrel with no negative consequences.
Diameter and weight are easy enough to check but these guys don't mention the danger involved if either or both of those factors is ignored and inadvertently exceeded. Sure, most things aren't as heavy as lead, which was the original payload in most shotshells, but they are loading things that protrude beyond the end of the shell, how much plastic, Silly Putty or any other material can stick out without exceeding the safe weight is a very real and serious concern. Maybe they are being safe with their selection of ammo to start with as well as the payload that they use but they don't make mention of any considerations that they may take into account and leave an open perception that you may be able to load anything into a shotshell and send it downrange. While there is some forgiveness, just going blindly into something that could be deadly is very foolish, and they seem to open the door to that sort of foolish behavior by showing that they can load some pretty ridiculous stuff and do no harm, they even show that the barrel shows some marks, but no damage.
Everyone, PLEASE, don't try anything like that unless you have enough knowledge to be aware of the limits and how to avoid exceeding them to avoid injury to yourself and innocent bystanders.
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I have some 12ga dime loads in my desk drawer as I type now.

Candle wax loads will plow right through 1/4" plywood a about 10 feet.
Thumbtacks bounce off of stuff and hurt like hell when the hit you in the chest and arms.
12ga ice loads are not practical, but work.
Sharpies tumble after a few feet.
Some people need to read this book:

Country boys have been loading with rock salt for years. Used primarily to sting the crap out of an unwanted trespasser. People have also been firing cut loads, when they don't have a slug shell.
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