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1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Gear
Was searching for this and found some good ideas for survival/training load outs. Instead of cutting and pasting everything I will provide links for 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line gear. This should serve as a starting point and can be custom tailored to suit your own personal needs.

Basically your first line gear should be survival gear. A small pack with the bare essentials to survive in the woods or wherever with only a few tools and supplies. This should be carried at all times and should you have to ditch your second or third line gear you can make it on your own until you can make it to a resupply or rally point.


Your second line gear is your fighting gear. This is the main gear you will use for defense of yourself, your family and your friends. This will consist of your MBR, ammo, comms, light rations and IFAK.


Third line gear is living gear. This will be a pack for living and sustaining for days on end without resupply. An Alice pack, 3-7 days rations, tent, spare clothes and spare ammo can all be found in a basic third line setup. This can vary depending on length of time expected to live without resupply.


This is not supposed to be an all inclusive listing but should serve as a starting point for organizing your load outs. Every situation and personal preference will be different and will dictate how you set yours up. Money is tight for a lot of people and supplies are limited too so the best thing to do is get out there with what you have, use what you have and make changes as you go. Physical fitness plays into this big time as well so keep in mind gear can add up quickly and before you know it you have 100 pounds of gear. Make sure you are able to lug this stuff around when you go hiking/camping/training. Practice makes perfect and using your gear is the only way to learn and prepare.

Anyone else have any suggestions?
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