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.22 ammo??
picking up a remington 597 this week and was wondering where you guys who plink with one get your ammo? The place i get my other ammo online doesnt sell .22
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Walmart for the win.
Valorius;14271 Wrote:Walmart for the win.

was thinking that. Any brands i should stay away from? i never had a .22 before.
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It depends on the gun. I've seen every kind of bulk ammo praised and bad mouthed.

I'd just go to the walmart, buy one brick of each kind of economy bulk .22 they have, and see what your gun likes the best.

Every gun is different.
I'm not sure if your Walmart sells it or not, some do and some don't. But look for Winchester m22 ammo. They only sell it in a brick of 1000 rounds for around $50.00. This 22 ammo is supposed to be specifically designed for "black rifles." I've run it through several semi auto pistols and rifles with zero duds or jams. The Remington 597 can be least mine was.
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I have seen 597's act very, very finicky as well. I had one very briefly, and had nothing but problems with it. My uncle has an older 597 that doesn't even work anymore.

I've always felt ever since that the Marlin model 60 was a much better gun in the same price range. I've shot a ton of those, and they all work great.
Just remember lead rounds make your gun dirtier than copper covered rounds. My first gun was a Mossberg 802. I use to buy a 500 round brick of Remington .22LR Thunderbolts and put almost the entire brick of ammo through my gun per range trip. It took FOREVERRRRRRRRR to clean my rifle, but at that time I didn't own or use any Powder Blast. If you shoot lead rounds, I suggest using Powder Blast (Walmart sells it for like $5 an aerosol can) in your barrel until it is clean and then LIGHTLY lubing the inside of your barrel with some CLP (Walmart sells that too at a cheap price). If I had to choose the best .22lr ammo to use for most purposes, I'd say get some rounds made by CCI that are copper plated.
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thanks for the tips. I did a little reading on the 597, seems the biggest problem is the magazines, some are fine and some are junk, and aftermarket mags are just as bad. Im not to worried if i have to go buy a couple, im getting a good deal on the gun.
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i have always use federal lighting in my ruger mk1 and mkll.
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Some of the most consistent I've experienced has been CCI standard velocity. I like CCI blazer too, its cheap and I've had one dud in the last three bricks.

Wolf and Eley make match-grade rimfire ammo, but I've never tried them, as the CCI standard has done just fine.
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