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2ARally: Anyone going?
I forgot about a Dentist appointment with my Daughter. Since my Wife works for the Dentist I cant make some excuse and not show up. Angry
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I'm not on facebook, but I'm interested to see what their response is if they post one.

No response.
They won't respond. Stolfer and his gang are cowardly pricks, and he thinks he's about e being questioned.
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Jessie Jackson and his rainbow push minions were in Chicagoland protesting a gun store today. Our side is saying Jackson spent more time shaking our hands than he did walking circles with his puppets. Father "Snuffy" Pfleger was a no-show because his church was being used for casting calls for Spike Lee's newest anti 2A project called Chiraq.
Overall, I had a great time meeting those I hadn't met before, and seeing those that I had met. I believe I even saw JimAnalog hanging out on the capitol steps during the speeches, I'm not sure he recognized me though even though I was wearing a name tag.

After the rally on the steps wrapped up and we all walked away losers from the raffle, several of us made a beeline for the security office to check our firearms. The officers there couldn't have been friendlier, even jovial in some cases. My attempt at SWATTING BigDawgBeav failed though.

After that we headed back into the main building going through the security checkpoint. No problems there, again the officers were friendly and efficient getting people through the metal detector.

We met up with a couple of people from FOAC who were to show us around to some prearranged list of reps to visit. Even though they weren't my reps, I decided to tag along because hey, I didn't have anything else to do. Plus I had my #2 9yr son old with me, he had written a letter that he wanted to give to reps asking for support of the Cyber School event that was also going on at the same time. I brought him along because he was the one that showed the most improvement in home schooling vs B&M Schools.

While waiting for the elevator to go up to the 4th floor I asked the FOAC guy if it would be ok if my son gave his letter to the reps we were visiting. His answer was an adamant "No". His reason, was because he got in trouble before for bringing up other items and this was to be a single issue event. Well, I'm there for both issues, 2nd Amendment and my kid's school, and I didn't feel that just because he was showing us around that he could tell my son that he couldn't give out his letter.

At the first office we visited those of us with him just kind of stood around, and he talked in what I could hear was a dull monotone almost as though he was reading off a script. Now, I don't know much about how this lobbying thing works, but it would seem it's very much like sales. You want to make an impression, you want to be remembered, you want to sell your ideas to the people you're talking to. To do that, you need less Ben Stein, and more Billy Mays Hays, that's what sells, that's what gets you remembered.

The first secretary that he was droning too got up to make some copies, apparently at his request(??) so I had #2 go over and ask her if she would give his letter to the Rep. She smiled and said she would be happy to. #2 then went to the other secretary there and asked her if it she would give one to the rep, and again, she was very happy to and she proceeded to read his letter right there. When she was done she thanked and complimented him on it.

We continued on to more offices offices and each time he very nicely asked about his letter and everyone was very gracious and nice about accepting it. He even got a chance to talk to one rep personally instead of a secretary. She was very nice to him, offered him a snack of a candy bar and he was beaming. We went around to a few more offices and handed out a few more letters. My personal feeling about this is, who is going to be more memorable to these people? The guy in the suit that couldn't talk his way out of a wet paper bag, the masses of kids in the same color T-shirt filing in and out of office with no real interest in being there, or the 9yr old that took the time to write a letter and deliver it himself?

I forgot to mention at one point Jhaydeno and I had split off on our own instead of following the drone. So after we were done hitting reps we headed back to the security office to reclaim our firearms and accoutrements and head to lunch. No problems getting them back, the same officers were there and just as friendly and jovial. We exchanged some jokes and pleasantries and then headed off. We found a nice little Irish Pub that was right near where we parked and had a great lunch. (Thanks Jhaydeno!)

#2 during the Rally
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I did leave something on a ketchup bottle Sorry the picture is so bad, it's an old phone.
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Thanks to those that made it. I would have loved to have gone, but I had work and couldn't take time off. I'm glad #2 was able to accomplish his mission and learn about our state government. Hopefully in the future he can be the lobbyist who pursues our 2nd amendment rights. Also I ate at that Irish pub before. Their wings aren't too bad. Hopefully next year I can join you guys. This summer I am going to try to come out to an event, if there is one in Eastern PA on a weekend.
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Great time yesterday. I highly recommend that everyone make a concerted effort to come out next year.

I got to meet some great folks that I might never have met before. Apparently I was the lone Eastern PA Poofer, but still a nice time.

Thank you Streaker for trying to get me arrested, so nice of you. And this after I tried to buy a handcrafted c-ring from you. Nice way to thank me!

R L Suehr and I waited for a different group. We had a much different experience. Bob (who is actually from my area) was our leader. He was well organized and very articulate. He also didn't hog all the time for himself. We all got a chance to chat. Mostly with secretaries and assistants, but we did catch a couple of Senators that are already on board.

All-in-all, great day. Too much walking though!

Next time I'm parking closer to the firearms lockers

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