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40% Off at Wicked Lasers, No Longer Shipping >5mW to U.S. Buyers After 1/1/15
Quote:Wicked Lasers to End High Power Laser Sales to USA Starting Jan 1st

After ten years in business, Wicked Lasers has a new owner. The company hasn't stated much other than what you see below, a new own and unfortunately, no more sales to the USA for products over 5mW.

The company has come under fire over the last few years from safety groups, people that don't like fun and even George Lucas. Without an official statement we don't know if the unwanted attention played a role in the decision to end US sales.

Wicked Lasers will no longer be shipping >5mW handheld lasers to US-Based cutomers starting Jan 1, 2015.

If you are a fan there could be something bright in your future though. The company has setup a 40% off coupon code. If you are missing a few products like me, now is the time to get them.


I've had one of their Core series of lasers for a few years now and it's a great 100% duty cycle laser. This is NOT an amazon special laser, I've had cheaper ones in the past and they ALL burn out. Don't know if anyone's interested or not, it's a shame they are saying goodbye to U.S. customers.

Could be a great chance to get one, there are only a few >5mW lasers left in stock.

Use code FINAL40 at checkout to get 40% off.
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Sweet. All I need now is a handful of sharks and some water-resistant headbands!
How many sharks can you fit in your hands?
streaker69;159180 Wrote:How many sharks can you fit in your hands?

Just a few.

[Image: 6171123.jpg?532]
Emptymag;159182 Wrote:
streaker69;159180 Wrote:How many sharks can you fit in your hands?

Just a few.

[Image: 6171123.jpg?532]

Yes, but are the ill-tempered?
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
Rik Bitter;159212 Wrote:Yes, but are the ill-tempered?

Probably easy enough to aggravate them if need be . . . . . try tying a laser on one and see if they like it.
I don't suffer from insanity.
I enjoy every minute of it.

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