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.410 for HD? Yes I'm already ducking.
Not for me but my wife. Who is very recoil sensitive, especially in the shoulder. The weight of the gun and LOP is also an issue with short arms and fibromyalgia. 1⅛oz #8 12g Federal was too much out of my heavy 18.5" 870 clone(H&R PPP).

Saw the Mossberg 500 persuader in .410 in a video on YouTube. Even with 000 buck the recoil was next to nothing for a shotgun. Without a stock even.

She liked it. Believes she can handle it.

With 000 buck will this be a better HD solution than her 9mm that she can shoot like a laser?

I know I wouldn't want to be shot with it.
What say you all?

I'm always looking for an excuse to buy another gun so any input helps.

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Get a Judge. It's my son's favorite pistol. Big Grin
Or Circuit Judge.

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I had a magazine with an article discussing the merits of a 410 shotgun for said role.
Why not.
If anyone says anything about using a .410 for home defense, ask them if they would want to get shot with one. Most defensive uses of a firearm end without a shot being fired, which is good. A .410 at ranges you'd see inside the home, I'm sure would be enough to put someone down, might take a couple shots, so make sure she practices follow up shots.

If all else fails, shoot 'em in the dick, knocks the fight right out of them.

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As long as she practices with it, it'll do....

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The Judges are nice but nothing beats the racking sound of a pump action shotgun! .410 will do some damage but you would probably never need to fire a shot after racking one into the chamber! Big Grin
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Emptymag;117788 Wrote:Or Circuit Judge.

[Image: CircuitJudge.jpg]

That's nice, but it would be great if they made it in a pistol.
I wouldn't want to be on the business end of any .410.
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There's always this as an option:

[Image: 86238-Critical-Defense-410-section-above-lg.jpg]

streaker69;117792 Wrote:If all else fails, shoot 'em in the dick, knocks the fight right out of them.

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Why not 12 gauge with a light load? Let's say 3/4oz instead. Or better yet a 20 gauge.

I was recently looking into getting my 7 year old son his first shotgun for Christmas so I think our situations are comparable if not more recoil sensitive in my case. I've totally abandoned my original idea of a .410 mainly due to price and availability of ammo. For not much more recoil at all I could spend half as much shooting 20 gauge as I would shooting .410. And when I finally get the machine to reload shells I can lighten up some 12 gauge loads for him. 20 gauge is easy to find at this moment and almost the same price as 12.

BTW I was looking at a Mossberg super bantam in 20 gauge for him just because of the length of pull for him. For her I would say something full size and weight. The heavier the gun the lighter the felt recoil but don't go too heavy where she is exhausted after 2 shots and can't hold it up anymore.
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