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6 year old given detention over Lego Gun

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Quote:The kindergartener has been forced to write an apology letter to the bus driver. He was also given detention on Tuesday and may temporarily lose his bus riding privileges.

People just have no sense.
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Any child or adult that is 'traumatized' by a lego gun is too stupid to live, and should be converted into chicken feed.
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Evidently a brainwashed child on the bus drew attention to it, and then the brainwashed bus driver finished the deed.

Jawdropping foolishness.
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It is up to the parents to take this crap to court, that is the only way this type of thing can be put to rest, sue the crap out of the school district, the bus driver and the bus company if it is a privately owned business, you have to put a BIG HURT on their bank accounts.
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Evidence to the contrary, I don't think we have reached the most ridiculously foolish zero tolerance enforcement. We will have reached that stage when you can seriously say, you can't make this sh#^ up.

This is an actual physical representation of a gun that is bigger than a quarter. We have already seen pencils as WMDs and two dimensional cartoon depictions of guns cause educational mass panic. We also know that you cannot orient your thumb and forefinger in a 90 degree angle while making a fist with the other fingers.

To be truly beyond brainless, we will have to see a child suspended for thinking about a gun with a teacher swearing she knew he was thinking about it because she saw on a website that his home address was on a list of LTCF holders.
RugerGirl;103456 Wrote:Evidently a brainwashed child on the bus drew attention to it, and then the brainwashed bus driver finished the deed.

Jawdropping foolishness.

And to add stupid to, well, stupid, the kid who said something had to apologize, too!

I really don't know how this could get any more ridiculous.

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