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A.G. Kane mulls U.S. Senate run
Although Corbett is on the wrong side of the equal rights debate, the 2nd Amendment is paramount, so I'll be voting on that issue alone.

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I dont recall him supporting gun control but I do think he's a moron. He did clearly state after sandy hook that no one needs a gun like that or something to that effect on live tv which made me wish it was legal to punch him in the face.

Philadelphia Patriot;128407 Wrote:
JustinHEMI;128290 Wrote:She's better off there, than as our Governor..., I think.


Dave;128294 Wrote:Exactly my first thought too.

halftrack;128324 Wrote:Ditto

jahwarrior72;128331 Wrote:Hey! Me too! Look at us, agreeing on shit.

Those were actually my first thoughts too when I read the article. It appears Alyson Schwartz and Corbett is going to be the main event for governor. I'm voting Corbett, only because he hasn't tried to screw us over with gun control.
Quote:Buzz at Pennsylvania Society gathering is about A.G. Kane

NEW YORK The annual migration of the commonwealth's wealthiest and most powerful - otherwise known as the Pennsylvania Society gathering - roared into Manhattan this weekend.

This year's event was supposed to be about the governor's race - and the question of whether Gov. Corbett will be able to overcome sagging public approval ratings to earn another term in office. Most of the Democratic candidates vying for his job made the trek to hold fund-raisers and rub elbows with potential supporters and influential advocacy groups.

Yet it was speculation about the political future of a relative newcomer to the political scene with star-power polling that got the most tongues wagging.

The subject of bar-side talk at most of the soirees was Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The question: Is she eyeing a run for Senate in 2016 against Republican Pat Toomey?

The talk was so rampant Friday night that Democrats and Republicans alike groused that Kane, one of the state's biggest headline-makers in her first year in office, was shifting the focus away from what is shaping up to be one of the toughest second-term races for a Pennsylvania governor.

The speculation was another indication Kane is perhaps the Democrat to watch in the next few years. Those who know her say Kane wanted to send the message to donors and the political class to hold off on committing to any specific Senate candidate.

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak, a Democrat, has already indicated interest in running for the seat.

For her part, Kane played it coy, saying she intended to run for reelection as state attorney general in three years and had no plans to enter the crowded Democratic field for the governor's race, as has been rumored.

"I love being the attorney general," she said, speaking outside a forum hosted by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association at the posh Metropolitan Club.

She said she had held three fund-raisers this year to raise money for the office she holds.

"And I am doing the best job that I can." But, she added: "Whatever happens several years down the road, so be it."

Several Democrats seeking to unseat Corbett said the annual gathering gives them a one-stop shop to meet potential supporters and explain their policy positions.

"I found myself arguing with somebody about lottery privatization at midnight last night," said state Treasurer Rob McCord, one of eight Democrats in the field. "But I enjoy that. I'm used to that as sort of a contact sport."

Fellow challenger U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D., Pa.), touted as a front-runner, said the weekend was about "mixing and mingling with Pennsylvanians." She would not make any predictions about whether the field would thin before the primary. But she said, "I'm not going anywhere."

Corbett, not known as a social butterfly, ramped up his schedule and turned on the social charm over the weekend.

He was visible at many venues, including a private fund-raiser Friday thrown by New York billionaire John Catsimatidis, and the usually early-to-bed governor partied into the wee hours Saturday.

Corbett said he was not uncomfortable working the same hallways and meeting rooms - and sometimes crossing paths with the Democrats who want to unseat him. "That's part of the political process," he said.

"Everywhere I go, people are behind me. . . . People come up to me and say, 'Governor, I voted for you, you told us what you're going to do and you've done it, and I'm going to vote for you again.' "

Corbett said his first years in office were not easy, given the state's financial condition.

"I think people will understand [that] when it comes to November of next year," he said.

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JustinHEMI;128410 Wrote:Although Corbett is on the wrong side of the equal rights debate, the 2nd Amendment is paramount, so I'll be voting on that issue alone.


You and I may disagree on the first part, but on the second 100%. I'd vote for a flaming gay atheist who was pro gun vs someone straight who was anti.

IMHO, the rest will all work itself out in the proper channels so long as the public is able to be armed. If not, gay or straight we all are screwed the same way.
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Camper;128562 Wrote:... gay or straight we all are screwed the same way.

Actually, I thought that was pretty much the biggest difference.Big Grin

If someone opposes Corbett in the primary who more closely matches my political philosophy then I'll be sure to vote for them, but when election day rolls around he will have my vote. To me it's all about preserving and expanding the few rights we have left. It has been sufficiently demonstrated to me that voting third party or abstaining has helped the statist/progressives. My principles are not a suicide pact.
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I assure your vote for a rino has done far worse by actually endorsing those policies. Nonetheless if it comes down to corbett vs. Gun grabber I'll vote Corbett. However he's not progun when he think people have no need for an ar-15. Sort of like Toomey. Vote for him and expect a progun attitude? The guy was going to sell the very people that elected him up the river. That being said he might be better than if fienstein ran against him. I'd prefer it if the GOP would just put up real candidates that dont flip flop on us. Jesus. Spector.. oh why cant that douchenozzel be forgotten. Someone should have stood outside toomeys window with a sign. Remember spector.
WTF? The Pennsylvania Society meets in NY? There aren't any places in Pennsylvania that they could meet and maybe keep some employees working?Shrug
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JustinHEMI;128290 Wrote:She's better off there, than as our Governor..., I think.


THought the same thing, too.

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