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A Liberal Mother's Worst Nightmare

Quote:HuffPo: Liberal Mom Shocked And Horrified Son Likes To Play With Guns And Dinosaurs That Want To (Gasp!) Kill Other Dinosaurs…

[Image: Screen-shot-2014-01-14-at-1.59.39-PM-550x156.png]

(Huffington Post) — I woke up this morning to my nearly 5-year-old son, his big blue eyes close to mine, saying “Mama! Let’s play!”

Somehow, I dragged myself to the living room where he had set up dinosaurs. He told me the rules: “My dinosaurs have superpowers and yours don’t. Mine find yours and then kill them with their power!” That woke me up.

I wondered if I should say something to him about killing — again. I tried to redirect the violence in the play by having my dinosaurs offer friendship and joint living in a cave. He didn’t bite. “No! they are not friends! OK mama? OK?” “OK,” I said, in resignation. Because at that moment, it felt like I had lost that battle.

What happened to my gentle little boy who would cradle his dolls if they happened to fall on the ground?

Where is the boy who would never consider the possibility of intentionally hurting another?

And where did this one, who pretends to shoot others, come from?

“My son will never do that,” I used to say.

Guns first showed up last year. Amidst his love affair with Mary Poppins and Annie, he also started asking about weapons.

He wanted me to cut a gun out of cardboard so he could take it to school.

Mortified, I imagined his teachers’ reactions when they saw it.

We talked about how guns are best used for protection, only by those whose job it is to protect — the police, the army. I told myself that he was interested in guns in the same way he was interested in a policeman’s pad, handcuffs and hat — fun tools of the trade. [...]
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Somebody give this poor woman a hug
The law? The law is a human institution...
She clearly offered him too much choice in toys.

She should have restricted him to rainbows and unicorns. . . the dolls probably pushed him over the edge.

At least she thinks handcuffs are fun.Wink
I don't suffer from insanity.
I enjoy every minute of it.
Hell, why didnt I think of that? Lets give all the guns to cops and military! That always works out for the people. That way all that training involving shooting dogs, beating the homeless to death, invading countries full of brown folks and slaughtering them, and imperialism wont go to waste!

Ignorant bitch. Period.
I don't think she wanted a son...
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
What a shame! Her son doesn't want to act like a vagina and play with his dolls. Rolleyes

I'd love to meet the kid's father.

Here's another picture of the author
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