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A meth lab near you?
Emoticon;10597 Wrote:Why is nobody bringing up the fact that the reason they gave in the video for entering the home was the suspected they had weapons inside the house? Having weapons in your house makes you a suspect? What kind of weapons? Yeah meth labs are bad, I don't want somebody setting up a meth lab next to me, but I would really like to know what probable cause they used to investigate this case, since it wasn't the reason they gave for investigating. This is PA its not like they have a database to know which firearms are registered to who and whether or not they were legally obtained. I find the missing information here and the way it was presented troubling, but yes drug manufacturers need to be arrested through legal means. I'd like to know what or who exactly tipped them off.
What article did you read? They brought in the sert team because they suspected weapons. He was only charged with drug offenses, no weapons charges. As for being tipped off, have you ever smelled meth cooking?

2 years ago in Elizabethville Pa they busted another meth lab, operating out of a old barn. the barn was located a few hundred yards from District Justice Margrums office and less than a mile from PSP barracks at Eville
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Oh yay.

Eleven families are waiting it out Thursday morning, wondering when they'll be able to return to their homes in Lehigh County as officials investigate a possible meth lab.

Officials say they've evacuated 11 homes on Hartford Court, just off Indian Creek Road in Lower Macungie Twp.
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