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A World Without Guns
A World Without Guns
Posted on January 4, 2013 by Tim

If this isn’t your first ever visit to a firearms related website, then odds are you have probably heard about the expected legislative onslaught that gun owners face in the near future. Obviously as a guy working for an outfit called “Gun Nuts” I’m a fan of the second amendment for it’s intended purpose…which has precisely beans to do with duck hunting. No, the second amendment exists in recognition of the right of the individual to protect himself/herself against the infringement of their freedom whether that infringement is perpetrated by a third strike felon or a government agent.

…of course, merely by saying “government agent” I’m instantly signing up for being labeled as a fringe whackadoo. People seem to forget just how many were murdered by agents of their own government last century. We like to pretend that what happened to Polish Jews in the middle of last century or to Russian political prisoners shortly thereafter can’t really happen again. Given that as these things were happening, people who knew better or who should have known better defended mass slaughter as “necessary” or dismissed it as “exaggerated”, and that even today there are people who want to argue about all the good Stalin did, I’m having a hard time seeing how we’ve learned our collective lesson.

There are lots of people saying silly things in the aftermath of the repulsive act in Connecticut, but one I keep hearing from people on the street is the notion of there being “a world without guns”.
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