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ABC News Nightline - unfair and unbalanced
On the up side, this shitty show is now on at 0035 (due to the move to 2335 by jimmy kimmel) so only about 7 people are awake to watch it. On the down side, I was one of them.

The first "news" report was about "sovereign citizens" who reject the rule of law and openly defy the government. This fringe group numbers about 300,000 according to the report, and their numbers are growing. Opening scene is some 22 y/o knucklehead still living in his mother's basement who pulls an evil-looking assault rifle out from behind the couch and menacingly inserts a magazine. He routinely rides his bicycle while OC'ing, thus intimidating his peaceful Idaho neighbors. Nightline proceed to follow him around as he goes about his asinine anti-government antics, including trying to enter a courtroom with a video camera for which he was tased. Other brave acts of defiance include refusing to remove his headgear. Although a concern to local PD, he's still in transition, a work in progress. The fully radicalized are responsible for all kinds of dangerous weapons-related offenses up to and including cop killing.

Won't waste any more time recounting the rest of the propaganda, but the reporter was sure to weave a cautionary tale about how these nuts always start as normal, law-abiding citizens and gun owners concerned about their Constitutional rights who inevitably progress to become radicalized home-grown terrorists.

Next up is an interview with quentin taranturdo and the celebutards featured in his new violent, kill-whitey shoot-em-up, Django Unchained. Sure, it's violent and all, but they make no apologies for this contribution to the culture, even asserting it's nothing more than a modern day Shakespearean play. Fair enough, even the despicable piss Christ is protected by the First Amendment, but does that mean it should be done?

OMG, last segment is Ex-Congresswoman Clifford and husband Kelly tugging at America's heartstrings over her plight and over all the dead kids. Concerning her shooting incident, interviewer Diane Sawyer, playing NRA devil's advocate: "If only a "good guy" was there with a gun." Husband Kelly: "There was, and he almost shot another good guy." Sawyer's leading final question to Gifford, "If it can happen to our precious children in a classroom...." Gifford, "Enough."

Enough? Enough of this fucking saturation propaganda. But other than Fox news and talk radio preaching to the choir and basically pissing in the wind, what to do, what to do? Must be good to own all the media the low IQ electorate absorb but it sure ain't gonna be good for the future of the 2A.
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While I'm not going to defend the actions of "sovereign citizens", I'm coming to realize that we all have different levels of what we are going to accept from the government. The funny thing is that when one person announces a breaking point, and another decides he can take just a little bit more, the guy who hasn't reached the breaking point yet ridicules the one who has. So I guess what I'm saying is that while most of these "SC" types may be major asshats, I'm not going to jump on the pile. I can sypathize with someone who wants to be left alone.

I do think these "stories" are going to increase in frequency as the effort to paint gun owners, pro-liberty people, and conservatives as whackos intensifies. This is where we've really lost the fight. They have the vast majority of the mainstream media and the schools and all we have is parts of the internet.
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The full court press is on. Planned for decades and with THEIR assault weapon, the media, the Commucrats have every intention of becoming THAT tyrannical gOvernment.

They have hijacked every major media, the schools, most of the judiciary and, WITH OUR MONEY, are plotting and scheming to subjugate us.

We are staring straight in the face of a Commie Legislative Blitzkrieg.

We are Boehner and 1 SCOTUS Judge and the 2A from basically becoming exactly what our FF's feared most.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
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