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Accessories for your vest or carrier
OK, looking to purchase some gear for on my plate carrier. What if any items would you recommend?

I pretty much know that mag pouches are going on it. But what other items would you suggest. Trying to keep weight down, but don't want to leave out something that would benefit me.

What are you thoughts.
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Depends on the "mission". Bare essentials? Mag pouches and IFAK. I wear my IFAK on my lower back so I can wear a camel back above it. I keep my mag pouches as high and to the sides as I can get them, this way it doesn't get stuck in the mud when I'm prone and doesn't dig in when I'm sitting or kneeling. Other than that I wouldn't go too crazy. Check out my thread on first, second and third line gear. Everything else is carried elsewhere for me. At the very least, put it on and train with it, you will find out VERY quickly what works and doesn't work. Also you can weed out the junk from the quality gear.
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Once you decide what you want, ask vets who have actually been deployed what brands worked best for them. I know my brother used a lot of Voodoo Tactical pouches to compliment his issue stuff and it held up to a year in Afghanistan.
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