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ACTION ALERT. Pa Rally April 23rd
Please forward this as widely as possible. Send it to friends, gun boards, websites and the membership of your gun club.

Please attend the 8th annual 2nd Amendment Action Day in Harrisburg

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

For detailed information GO TO this location http://www.2arally.com/

(MEET: inside capital building at the marble stairs under the rotunda)

This is THE day when sportsmen and other gun owners will meet in Harrisburg while the legislature is in session to make a clear statement that we will not be ignored.

Last year anti-freedom groups and activists such as billionaires Bloomberg and Soros inserted tens of millions of dollars into Pennsylvania elections. They elected an anti-gun and anti-personal protection Attorney General who announced that she will be legislatively active. They plan on using those techniques to take over the Pennsylvania legislature and governors office.

If you allow the anti-freedom forces to succeed, they will quickly make Pennsylvania’s laws resemble those of New Jersey, New York, Maryland and other states that have gone over to the dark side.

We don’t have their money to counter their slick TV commercials, but we do have large numbers of law abiding Pennsylvania gun owners who can determine the outcome of elections if and only if they are active.

After meeting in the rotunda at 10:00 for speeches, we’ll break up into smaller groups, each with a team leader. We’ll show you proven techniques on how to effectively lobby legislators and persuade them with accurate facts and figures. We need your help, to reinforce the understanding of our commitment to individual freedoms. You can make a personal difference by helping to get these proposed bills moving.

For detailed information GO TO this location http://www.2arally.com/


ALLEGHENY COUNTY: Please contact Edgar Stephan at (724) 289-8209 or [email protected]

More detail info of bus transportation here http://www.pmsconline.com/pmsc/?q=node/75

BEAVER COUNTY: Bob Oles 724-495-1334 or Dick Ward 724-643-4553 detail info of bus transportation here http://bcscl.org/

BUTLER COUNTY: Please contact Larry A. Thompson Cell: 412-629-3677 [email protected]

CHESTER COUNTY Sportsmen & Farmers Association

More info http://sccsfa.org/wp/?p=280

details here http://sccsfa.org/wp/?p=483

[email protected]

CLARION, JEFFERSON & CENTER (3 pick-up locations for this bus) Please Contact : [email protected]

U S Mail: PGOA, Box 187, Clarion PA 16214

INDIANA COUNTY: - Julie Anderson

MERCER COUNTY: Mike Beveridge 724-946-2215 [email protected]



SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Federation

Details at: http://rifleandpistol.weebly.com/

WASHINGTON COUNTY: Washington County (FOAC) - - Contact : Roger by email only [email protected]

detail info of bus transportation here http://www.clairtonsc.org/pdfs/2013-Rally-Flyer.pdf


Kim Stolfer is the Legislative Chairman for the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League (ACSL), Chairman of Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC), Vice chairman of PA Sportsmen’s Association (PSA), Vice President Shooters Active in Firearms Education (S.A.F.E.) along with being a USMC combat veteran and was Crew Chief of the last Marine helicopter to leave the American embassy in Saigon.

Kim Stolfer has been the most effective advocate for PA hunters and gun owner’s rights in Pennsylvania for many years

Kim is very ill right now but continues to fight for your rights.

Kim’s health is suffering as his liver is failing; the medical treatments expenses are exceeding the insurance coverage.

Times are tough for some, send what you can to

Liver for Kim Fund

P.O. Box 326

Clinton, PA 15026



das, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Sep 2012.
For Bucks County there is a bus scheduled as well! Go to http://www.cgobc.org for bus sign up!
Inline, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Jan 2013.
Really, no activity here? Get out and be heard by the PA legislature. Let's NOT go down the NY/NJ/MD/CT/MA, etc. road!
-JD-, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Sep 2012.
Thread stuck, will unstick after the event has passed.
Site notice added to the top of the forums!
[Image: ROCKET_SIG_AR15_LOGO_zps2cb17223.png]

There is a lot of activity for this on Facebook and PAFOA.

PennsyPlinker is doing his usual 7am meet and great at the Cracker Barrel on Brindle Drive. I will be attending both. All are invited and welcome!
“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

William Pitt
I wish I could go... don't think an 8 month old would appreciate being at a rally all day.

RocketFoot's Minion since 09-07-2012
streaker69;97721 Wrote:Thread stuck, will unstick after the event has passed.
RocketFoot;97728 Wrote:Site notice added to the top of the forums!
Thank you!!

FWIW, I have a few seats left in my van. We should be leaving Paletown Rod & Gun (Just off 313 South of Quakertown on Axe Handle) at 7AM.

PM me if you want to ride along.
-JD-, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Sep 2012.
I can't make it...work is at 110% and I can't afford to miss even a day. To those going, be safe and represent us well!
[Image: ROCKET_SIG_AR15_LOGO_zps2cb17223.png]

Thanks to all of you who made the effort to come out to walk the walk and talk the talk!
-JD-, proud to be a member of pa2a.org since Sep 2012.

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