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Active Shooter(s)
so with all the shootings going on lately, lets say your going about your merry way when suddenly and active shooter pops up and or your in the hood and catch a guy firing of at another running away...

how would you handle the situation?
Certified Firearms Instructor
IronSight;17966 Wrote:Ninja take cover, observe, respond as necessary

Shrug I see no way to get more specific than that. The most prominent question is going to be why person A is firing at person B. Is person B a would-be robber that just picked the wrong target? Is person A firing at anyone else?

Yeah, can't really narrow that down in my mind aside from 1) make sure I'm not in the line of fire, 2) observe/read the situation even if that's just a second or two of observation, and 3) respond if needed.

This. Find cover while getting your weapon ready, figure out what's going on, respond once you figure it out. The situations you gave are too vague, and you're not the direct target of the shooting yet. Once you figure out who the bad guy is, then figure out if you need to shoot or not and what the risks are for doing so.

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