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adam lanza search warrants released
Quote:NEW HAVEN, Conn. — An arsenal of weapons including guns, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, a bayonet and several swords was found in the home of the gunman who carried out the Newtown school shooting, according to search warrants released Thursday.


Sedensky said Lanza killed all 26 victims inside Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle before taking his own life with a Glock 10 mm handgun. He says Lanza had another loaded handgun with him inside the school as well as three, 30-round magazines for the Bushmaster.

Sedensky said 154 spent .223 casings were recovered at the scene. A loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the Honda Civic Lanza drove to the school with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds.


Investigators found a holiday card containing a check made out to Lanza for the purchase of a firearm, authored by his mother, Nancy Lanza. Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother in their Newtown home before driving to the school to carry out the massacre.

Documents indicate authorities found a gun safe with shotgun shells in the house and numerous boxes of bullets. In a bedroom closet, they found ear plugs, a handwritten note regarding ammunition and magazines, paperwork on guns and a metal bayonet.

In a top drawer of a filing cabinet, they found paper targets. In a duffel bag, they found ear and eye protection, binoculars, numerous paper targets and an NRA certificate that belonged to Adam Lanza.

Authorities found numerous knives, including samurai swords. They found a military-style uniform in Lanza's bedroom and handwritten notes containing the addresses of local gun shops. The guns found at the home included a .323-caliber Enfield Albian bolt-action rifle, a .22-caliber Savage Mark II rifle, a BB gun and a .22-caliber Volcanic starter pistol.

Among the items seized was a news article on a 2008 school shooting at Northern Illinois University.

what i find interesting is that the holiday card and check refer to a c183 according to some news sources, not a cz83. a c183 is a kodak easy share camera.

Quote:Other discoveries included a holiday card made out to Adam from his mother containing a check for the purchase of a “C183 (Firearm),” the documents state. The date and amount of the check are not listed.

It was not immediately clear if the reference to C183 contained a typographical error and intended to cite a CZ83, which is a semi-automatic handgun. A C183 is a camera.

a lot of outlets are focusing on the NRA basic steps pistol manual as though it's the NRA's fault because they created a guide to mass killings for asperger's sufferers.

some articles mention a shooting range receipt from a range in Oklahoma. is that their proof that lanza trained like crazy?

Quote:The police found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun in the passenger compartment of the car the shooter drove to the school. The shotgun was moved by police from the passenger compartment of the car to the trunk for safekeeping.


Quote:The family and friends of the victims, the community and the general public have a right to expect that any decision to prosecute or not prosecute will be made only after all of the available evidence has been examined and considered and all leads suggested by the evidence have been adequately pursued. The Connecticut State Police, the Newtown Police Department and other state and federal law enforcement agencies are not only continuing to investigate, but are still in the process of compiling reports, statements from witnesses, and documenting, examining and testing physical and digital evidence that has been obtained. This process is very arduous and must be done carefully, accurately, and confidentially.

who is there to prosecute?
Did any one notice they found 3 30 round mags and recovered 154 223 rounds. 3x30=90 154-90=64 so where are the other 3 mags or where did the extra 64 rounds come from?
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panopticonisi;91978 Wrote:who is there to prosecute?

Let's face it, their goal is to get as much impact out of this as they can. If I were an anti trying to influence the national opinion on gun control, I would let small amounts out at a time. Bringing up prosecution here even thought there is no on to prosecute. It keeps it in the public perception.

Then a few days before the senate vote, it's time to let everyone know the investigation is complete. No one to prosecute, but here are full color pictures of the guns, here are photos of the school after the shooting and what his overall plan was. These are all the guns he had access to in his home. This is all the ammo he had access to. Look at these magazines and how evil they look. Here is all the information that people have been asking for, but we have kept under wraps while the investigation has been going on and we have been trying to figure out who to prosecute.

By doing this before a Senate vote they will bring back the emotional aspect vs. the logical aspect of the shooting as a it pertains to the gun control vote.

Just my prediction of what will be happening.
Everytime we look the other way when someone else loses rights we disagree with, we make it easier to lose the rights we support.


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