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Advice on a .45
I've been trying to kill a P90 for won't die.
They can be found but most people pay them no mind. Shrug
If I hadn't bought so much shit already I'd have one of these in the safe...

Beretta 8045 F (45 ACP) White 3 Dot Sights $469.00
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Springfield XDs
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What's the price range you're going for?

How many rounds do you want to carry?

Strictly CC or OC as well?

If you can spare the cash, STI makes some fine 1911's. Their 2011 series is a double stacked 1911 with the same dimensions of a single stack. Excellent firearms, but pricey.

Sig P220 compact is great, and I have no complaints about the ones I've shot.

Springfield 1911's are great as well, and they do make commander sized pistols that are easier to carry for some.

M&P45 full sized and/or compact are both great, though a little thick for some.

Springfield XD's are great, though they may be thick for some as well.

Springfield XDs is a fantastic compact single stack .45, but only holds 5 rounds with a flush magazine.

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Spacemanvic;76804 Wrote:And you're also supporting NY if you buy from Kimber Big Grin

You're supporting Mass if you buy from S&W.
You're supporting Ill. if you buy from Springfield.
You're supporting Ct. if you buy from Ruger, but they are changing.
You're supporting MD if you buy from Baretta.

I could go on and on. For some unknown reason most manufacturers seem to be headquartered in anti states. Doesn't make much sense to me but maybe this will be the wake up call to them that I've been calling for for years. I was told elsewhere that I was an asshat for even bringing up the fact of their home states, I had the whole list posted.
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I own the Springfield Champion SS,Shot many 45s but this one I am very partial to.
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Thank you all !

With the advice and what felt good, to me, in my hand.
I went with Sig 220.
As we all know, ordering now is like going into the un-known with all the back orders.
So, Sig 220 & 227 are the same ----220 is 8rds and 227 is 10.
What ever he can get first.
But they do feel right in the hand.
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JeffreyD;76910 Wrote:If I hadn't bought so much shit already I'd have one of these in the safe...

Beretta 8045 F (45 ACP) White 3 Dot Sights $469.00

Beretta has farmed out the manufacture of the Cougar to Stoeger (Turkey), which is well known for shotguns. Same CNC machines, same dies, same everything...just the "start" button for the machine is pressed by a Turkish guy instead of an Italian guy.

I own a Stoeger Cougar 8000 (9mm) and it has been a wonderful sidearm for the last handful of years. Accurate, dependable, easy to carry, good fit and finish. The frame is made of aluminum, so that cuts down the carry weight compared to steel guns. It feels like a 92 or a 96, if you've ever handled one of those.

As for Beretta and Maryland, take comfort in knowing that Beretta has been working overtime to fight every anti-gun bill that has been coming through the system.

I'm guessing that they (like others) simply had their plant up and operational before the state went pinko. And it costs millions to move to a state that may or may not turn pinko in the next five years.
I am a fan of the ruger SR series, Has anyone heard good bad or ugly about the SR45?
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I only wish that the SR45 came available with 15 round magazines, otherwise it seems like a sweet pistol. I am still waiting for more to hit the market so I can get a good review myself.
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