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AFCI breakers
Just wondering... has anyone researched AFCI breakers at all? I'm in the process of thinking about winter weekend projects I can do once it starts getting cold as fall approaches and I'm thinking of installing a couple AFCI breakers, but I'd like to see if anyone has them first and what they think of them. My house has aluminum wiring and was known to have had a full blown electrical fire prior to us moving in. The previous owner had every connection in the house pig-tailed with copper and ALL of the devices in the house were replaced, which I have personally verified was done. Also, most of the 1st floor has been rewired with copper. Still, I'm thinking these new AFCI breakers might add another layer of protection because to the circuits on the second floor that are a massive pain in the ass to rewire. I love everything about my house except the fact that it has this aluminum wiring. I'm always extremely careful when replacing devices, but I never really fully trust it. Has anyone had any experience with these are they more trouble than they are worth being too finicky when you want to use the blow dryer or whatever? Did you get any kind of insurance break after installing them?
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I had them installed in our last house, as old copper wiring was left in place that didn't contain a ground. Never had an issue. Don't know about the insurance angle. I'd be careful, though, you might open up a can of worms whereby the insurance company jacks your rates because of the aluminum wiring.
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