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after hesitating for years, i bought a high-standard-cap evil assaulting waffle.
So after hemming and hawing for a year or so, I pulled the trigger on buying a sig m400. I drooled over it in the store and immediately put it on layaway. This was my first non-milsurp purchase since someone on poofa suggested considering buying a mosin a couple of years ago. After the first mosin, I was hooked.

So I finally get the rifle home and open it up. The rifle came in a box. What a novel concept! Why don't enfields come this way? Everything was packaged neatly in individual bags. From there, however, it was downhill. I immediately disliked everything about the rifle. I didnt like how heavy it felt, how hard you had to hit the magazine release or bolt release. The safety isn't as ergonomic as I'd hoped. Dry-firing it gave off a little dinky click. While the rifle is pretty, it had little character to it; it didn't speak to me.

As much as the antis hate this rifle, I thought for sure that I would be filled with giddyness just holding the object of their chagrin in my hands. Sadly, liberal nightmare fuel doesn't translate into the happiness i thought it would, so within minutes i was contemplating selling it.

Fear not, arfanbois. I intend on building one of the Vietnam era surplus colt kits to replace this one after I sell it. Maybe that'll be a happy medium between libsoul crushing battle rifles and the milsurps that have consumed every penny tossed my way for the past few years.

TL;DR: today i learned I hate pretty, plastic rifles. I have become a fudd, kinda.
So I take it you're a fan of wood and steel.

Own any AK's? Big Grin
SKS' s?
Maybe something from the Allies like an M1A?

You could still get an evil assault clipazine fed ghost gun AND still feel nostalgic.
[Image: picsay-1358258813.jpg]
Yeah, I hate that they feel like toys.

An AK feels like a real rifle.

Still wanna end up with half a dozen of each though at some point.
I already have one zastava n-pap (new serbian production) and two sks rifles (sino-soviet and yugo m59/66). I'm probably going to find an actual milsurp ak. Maybe a maadi but most likely another n-pap or a wasr.


A CMP m1. Good idea Gixxer! I hear they're running pretty lean these days so it might've good to get one while the going is goodish. How is it to feed those guys? Is surplus .30-06 still around?
I hate how an AK feels like a 70s or 80s American car: big, clunky, and "gappy". I'll admit that I'm an AR "fanboi". Blame the Marines for putting one in my hands.

[Image: 94044260c9bb3501397d6d29f9deb752.jpg]
[Image: eb6c0743acb6581b3170d78f8f1ca467.jpg]

Here's the first one being built. It's a dedicated .22LR.
[Image: 469069b4c49dde53e22682d0eae5dd8d.jpg]
What's the story on that pelican case? Is it just for storing/shipping lowers? I see you're a fan of spikes. I was considering one of their pirate lowers.
Pelican Case: Utah resident living in Illinois. Stripped lowers are defined as the firearm. I had to pick them up in Utah and flew back to Illinois with them. Pelican cases are TSA and airline compliant. The first pic was taken at the parking area of Salt Lake International Airport the day I picked up the lowers, right before I got on the plane for Chicago.

Spikes: Warranties and customer service speak volumes for me. Spike's Tactical had both. Warranty is lifetime. Customer service, well, let me put it to you this way: In picture #2 there is something wrong with the lower in the bottom left corner. You can see it, but don't know something is wrong. The spider logo should have been white. I shipped the lower to them and they sent me a new one with the correct color. No frustration at all.

A note about Spike's: They do not make their own uppers and lowers. They get them from the same place most retailers get them.
I'm debating selling my AR. They're not bad firearms, but to me they just aren't anything really special. I'm thinking of maybe replacing it with a Mossberg 590A1. I always loved shotguns and the 590A1 is build like a tank. I'd get the 9 round model with ghost ring sights, throw a saddle sleeve on it and maybe pick up a bayonet for the hell of it. Between bird shot to buck shot, slugs and less lethal options, I find it a highly versatile firearm.

[Image: mossberg1.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Why is that one ammo box empty?
streaker69;157885 Wrote:Why is that one ammo box empty?

Because the shotgun ate all of the ammo while kicking ass and taking names!
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]

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