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Aimline Sights
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Quote:Gear Review: Aimline Sights

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Reading back through some of my reviews of pistols during my tenure at TTAG, I’ve realized that the only features I really care about (besides reliability) in a carry piece are grip size, trigger, and sights. The first is usually set in stone (or polymer), the second is sometimes a costly fix, but the third is where the money is. Unfortunately, pistol sights are susceptible to the theory of Long Tail. There are soooo many ideas out there, and the barriers to entry are so low, that cool ideas can get lost in the noise. Fortunately, TTAG cuts through the noise and puts new products to the test. With that out of the way, let’s get to reviewing. In this case, Aimline’s pistol sights. Do they work? Absolutely. Make the jump to learn more.

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Pistols I’ve shot in the last few years basically use three sighting systems. First is the three-dot system, then there’s the blade & dovetail, and finally web have the GLOCK ‘U’ system. I favor the three-dot system for speed, the blade & dovetail for precision, and the U system for occupying space in the trash can.

My experience has been that the dot system is good enough for a quick shot, but unless there’s a crisp horizontal line that can be leveled across the top, a precise shot can be hard to take. Conversely, a blade & dovetail setup, assuming enough light shows between the sights, can be very accurate, but in low-light or quickly developing situation, they aren’t as easy to use. That’s not to say impossible, just not ideal.

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