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Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools
Quote:The Alabama Federation of Republican Women (AFRW) strongly opposes "race-based standards for student achievement" pushed by the Alabama Department of Education, as reported in The Tuscaloosa News on Sunday, June 30. Minority students will be held to a lower standard, and would be tracked at a lower standard throughout their academic career from K-12.

According to this article by Jamon Smith, "Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities." Alabama's Plan 2020 "sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups -- American Indian, Asian/Pacific islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white."

The "race-based" standards are part of Common Core, adopted by the state board of education in November 2010.
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
This is a classic example of racial discrimination by a department of government. Nothing more, nothing less. A competent, impartial judge would stop this immediately. Let's see if Alabama has any left.
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Quote:The president has more than proven that he is not a uniter.

He is a committed divider. Jesus said, "If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand."

Hence, try as we might, it's getting harder to ignore what appears to be a burning desire on Obama's part to destroy the great and glorious house called America.

With an eye toward stepping in and reorganizing everything from our social and economic structure to the U.S. Constitution, it appears that Obama's plan to gain control involves stirring up discord and agitating every area of society to the point of near-collapse.

Barack Obama has managed to undermine the nation's unanimity through the deliberate fostering of racial, political, religious, and class-based conflict. In other words, the President of the United States is actively endeavoring to community-organize America to death.

Chicago-style troublemaker Barack Obama acquired his skill set while nestled close to the pedagogical breast of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky. It was there that the president was schooled in the fine art of community organizing, and excelled as a top student.

Read more:
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
The minorities should be furious about this. After all, it's equality they are after, right?
I thought Hispanics were white now.....
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Didn't they already try this once?

I believe it was called "Jim Crow".

That said, the article linked falsely states that this was a Wall Street Journal article. It was not -- it was just a press release. The WSJ link actually states at the top: "The Wall Street Journal news department was not involved in the creation of this content."

So: this could be total bullshit. Anyone have a good source on this?

ETA: Never mind....Found it.

Tuscaloosa News 2013-06-30 Wrote:under Plan 2020, the percentage of third-graders required to pass math in 2013 is different for each subgroup.

The percentages needed for third-graders to pass math in their subgroups for 2013 are:

- 93.6 percent of Asian/Pacific Islander students.

- 91.5 percent of white students.

- 90.3 percent of American Indian students.

- 89.4 percent of multiracial students.

- 85.5 percent of Hispanic students.

- 82.6 percent of students in poverty.

- 79.6 percent of English language-learner students.

- 79 percent of black students.

- 61.7 percent of special needs students.

Some parents and community activists say Plan 2020's “race-based” standards unfairly set low expectations for black, Hispanic, English language-learner, impoverished and special needs students.

“I think having a low bar means they can just pass them on,” said Tim Robinson, the father of two black children who attend Alberta Elementary and Englewood Elementary. “I think it's dumbing our race down and preparing our boys for prison.

“The teachers aren't even going to teach all of them anymore. Not the black boys and girls. And if we sit by and let this happen, it's on us.”
Well, it's easier than overhauling the entire public school system, and raising standards of education for everyone, right? Absolutely disgusting.

Years ago, studies showed that tests like the SATs were socially skewed, to the disadvantage of lower income, urban students, but that was remedied in the 1990's, I believe. Wheb I was in junior high, all students of hispanic background were given "aptitude" tests, to quantify their scholastic abilities. My parents, and afew others, refuused to let their kids take the test, fearing that the curriculum standards would be lowered. The school scrapped the program later.
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Tuscaloosa News 2013-06-30 Wrote:. . . . .

“I think having a low bar means they can just pass them on,” said Tim Robinson, the father of two black children who attend Alberta Elementary and Englewood Elementary. “I think it's dumbing our race down and preparing our boys for prison.

“The teachers aren't even going to teach all of them anymore. Not the black boys and girls. And if we sit by and let this happen, it's on us.”

Somebody gets it.
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I enjoy every minute of it.
But, but... if we lower the bar, maybe we could curve their grades too and then they'd be just as eligible for college as the white kids.

This smells of ass backwards affirmative action to me.
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You wouldn't be able to run as many people over with that car if it didn't drive as far. It should only have a 10 gallon fuel tank.
This tells me, as a potential employer, that the only people I could hire that are going to be stupider than blacks are the retarded kids. And I get huge tax breaks and incentives for hiring retarded people.

That's the goal they're aiming for, right??

Fricking morons.

This is what happens when you let liberals in charge of things. The desire to "make everything equal and fair" turns into bringing down standards and lowering success for everyone. Bring everyone UP. The only way you'll have successful black men and women (if that is truly the goal) is to make them work for it. It is the ONLY way you have a successful man or woman PERIOD, regardless of race.

Money would be better spent on providing tutors to these poor and underprivileged people instead of trying to lower the standards and convince them they're not really as stupid as the standards are going to make them.
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