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Alabama to Implement “Race-Based Standards” in Public Schools
Camper;111250 Wrote:Money would be better spent on providing tutors to these poor and underprivileged people instead of trying to lower the standards and convince them they're not really as stupid as the standards are going to make them.

I completely agree. I have a child with special needs. Although, she is able to do what we call "mainstream" into the regular classroom, I would never expect the school district to include my child in a class where it would slow the education of the other children around her.

One of the many reasons the CA school districts are some of the lowest ranking schools in the country is because of of the non-English speaking kids (i.e. children of illegal aliens, who don't speak English at home). I'm sure this factors into those non-english speaking kids in Alabama too. If we're going to educate kids like that (whether our tax dollars should or shouldn't is a whole different issue), take all the kids that don't speak English and put them in classrooms, where the focus of instruction and curriculum centers on making them fluent in English. Don't dumb down the requirements so those kids appear to do better.

Equal rights are equal rights. You can't be equal if the scale isn't calibrated to treat everyone as an equal. My guess would be that social economics factors more into the test scores than race. What about the poor white kids? I guess its OK for them to score low, since the rich white kids even out the test scores on paper. This Alabama initiative is so racists everyone of any race should be insulted and outraged. In fact its so blatantly racist the ACLU should get involved.

I can almost guarantee you that this initiative in Alabama has even less to do with making these minority children appear to succeed more than they are, and even more to do with making the state board of education and the superintendents look good because suddenly the test score results look better.
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