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Almost every gun post on the Internet, in a single list
Almost every gun post on the Internet, in a single list
it's my way or the highway

Posted July 13, 2013 in Shooting by Bill J

Via the ever popular SayUncle, here’s a link to a blog post which claims to have condensed every gun post on every Internet forum into a single bullet list. A sample:

Your gun sucks and you’re holding it wrong.
That caliber is ineffective. You would do better to pick something bigger.
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I'd read it, but felt compelled to just buy a Glock. Despite Glocks sucking more than any other gun out there. I could be wrong but I'm not, though don't take my word as law because IANAL.
Vampire pig man since September 2012
There was no 9mm vs. .45acp debate... even though .40s&w is the better round.
I also did not see "it's a magazine not a clip".

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