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American Classic Hard Chrome 1911 Commander
So I finally purchased an American Classic hard chrome 1911 Commander. I ordered via and did the layaway program (nice feature, gotta put 20% down and pay it off within 90 days). I received my pistol this past Thursday. My first impressions were how great this pistol looks! Any online picture of the gun really doesn't do it justice! Unlike a lot of stainless, chrome, nickel, etc. 1911s the only black parts on this pistol are the sights. The entire gun was caked in oil. I had to keep wiping my hands on my jeans while trying to fill out the transfer paperwork. Considering there were no scratches on my pistol, I’m not too upset at the massive amount of oil that was on the gun.

When I brought it home, I kept racking the slide and dry firing it. The trigger was short, but still kinda heavy. I put it at about 5 lbs, but I don’t have any tools to measure it. No big deal, I was going to have a trigger job done anyways. I loaded up the mag that came with it (ACT, 8 rounder w/ extended baseplate) with hollow points and hand racked rounds into it. A few times the slide did not go into full battery, but over time it got better. I tried it again with my Chip McCormick power mag w/ extended baseplate, but it kept jamming. It was also very difficult to remove the magazine, and I had to push down on top of the magazine by putting my fingers into the ejection port. I also tried disassembling the pistol, but the barrel lug was VERY tight. I did not have a 1911 barrel lug wrench on me, but my girlfriend’s father had one. She was coming over the next day (Friday) so I asked her to bring it with me. I continued dry firing the pistol and cleaned up as much of the oil as I could without disassembling it.

My girlfriend came over the next day and brought the wrench. It took about 10 minutes, but I finally got the barrel lug off. The pistol was very tight fitting and well-made. I stripped it of all of its excessive oil and gave it a quick cleaning. I checked the ejector with an empty brass casing and it fit perfectly. After cleaning it, it seemed to be smoother. We went to the shooting range and I brought 50 rounds of Hertzer’s aluminum crap and 100 rounds of reloaded HPs that I bought off of gunbot. I first ran the 50 rounds of Hertzers. I was shooting very low and to the right. This was the first time I was shooting a 1911, let alone a .45, in a few months. I normally shoot my 9mm pistols. After blowing through the 50 rounds of the Hartzer’s crap, we started shooting the HPs. I split a case of 500 rounds of this stuff with my friend, and he said when he shot it, it seemed to be a little hot. I think he was correct. I had a good amount of muzzle jump while firing these rounds. Over time I was no longer shooting right, but still low. Out of all of the 150 rounds my girlfriend and I shot, we had 2 jams which involved the slide not going into full battery. Both jams involved my girlfriend shooting it, and I am positive they were due to limp wristing.

I took the gun home and gave it a thorough cleaning. It was running a lot smoother after putting 150 rounds through it. I wanted to put my custom grips on it, but the extended slide stop interfered with them. I ordered a standard stainless slide stop so that I can install my custom grips. I plan on getting a trigger job done to bring the trigger pull down to 2 lbs. If I am still shooting low (and assuming it is not shooter error), then I might replace the front sight with a shorter one. Overall I am very happy with this pistol. The only downside thus far is it didn’t accept my Chip McCormick mag. I did order a Check-Mate Hybrid 8-round magazine w/ no extended baseplate. It came in the mail today. I loaded it up with 8 rounds and hand cycled them in the gun. It worked flawlessly and the gun dropped the magazine without any problems when I hit the mag release. I’ll probably order another 2 of them soon.

[Image: qr0yv7.jpg]

[Image: 2lclnc7.jpg]

[Image: 29vlbtu.jpg]

[Image: 29qjcbd.jpg]

The brown grips are what came with the gun, the other grips are the custom exotic wood grips my girlfriend got me for our anniversary.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
You will see if the mag change makes a difference but....we're all of the feed problems with the hollowpoints? If so, any chance they were 230gr gold dots? Some 1911's are extremely sensitive with the hollowpoints.
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steelcityk9cop;124029 Wrote:You will see if the mag change makes a difference but....we're all of the feed problems with the hollowpoints? If so, any chance they were 230gr gold dots? Some 1911's are extremely sensitive with the hollowpoints.

The two jams I had at the range were LAX Ammo reloads, and they were HPs. I know they were due to limp wristing. When I first brought the gun home and was testing the CMC mag, I was using 230 gr gold dots. I'm at work right now, but later tonight I'm going to load up the ACT mag and the Check-Mate mag with gold dots. I'll hand cycle the slide and see if they feed properly. I'll let you guys know tonight when I also upload the pics of the gun too. I think with a 2 lbs trigger job and maybe shorter front sight, it'll be dead on. I'm not convinced yet that the shooting low is not due to operator error. Those LAX Ammo HPs seemed hotter than normal range ammo (they weren't +p either), and I might have been pushing the gun down while pulling the trigger and not realizing it.

Edit: When I go back to the range again, I'm going to send a mag full of 230 gr gold dots down range too. If they jam, then I'll carry Hornandy CD or go back to carrying Federal EFMJs (200 grain +p, .....not the guard dog crap).
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Check out this site, a lot of knowledgeable folks. Several top gunsmiths also.
steelcityk9cop;124029 Wrote:You will see if the mag change makes a difference but....we're all of the feed problems with the hollowpoints? If so, any chance they were 230gr gold dots? Some 1911's are extremely sensitive with the hollowpoints.

I put 8 rounds into the Check-Mate hybrid mag and racked the slide back 8 times. They all chambered and ejected without any problems!

soberbyker;124033 Wrote:Worthlesswithoutpics


(look at post #1)
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Looks nice. Congratulations. Enjoy.
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The gun has been looking great and shooting just fine! I had a trigger job done to it and what an improvement! Over time though I am going to start replacing a lot of the internal parts with Wilson Combat bulletproof parts. I replaced the slide stop with one thus far. I plan to replace the trigger, sear, disconnector, hammer, mag release, mag catch lock, and springs with the Wilson Combat bulletproof stuff. I also ordered an full length guide rod for it and with the spring kit I ordered came the 20 lbs recoil spring. I think I'm going to replace the mainspring housing with the snakeskin model from Ed Brown. I can't wait for the entire project to be done!

Also if anybody in SE PA (Bucks, Montco, Phila.) is looking for a guy to do trigger jobs, shoot me a PM. He charges $100 + parts.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
You know, it's funny you mention LAX reloads. I think the firing range that I go to when I'm out visiting family in Ventura CA uses them as their "house ammo." Shot 50 rounds of same through a rental Kimber Stainless II several months ago without a hiccup. Rental was $6.00; box of 50 rounds was around $22.00. So NOT a ripoff considering the special Kalifornia requirements on loads to be used indoors. They also have the same Kimber in a Commander model. I've been meaning to try that one out, as I've not shot the smaller 1911.

Yes, I was sorely tempted to have them send me that 10,000 round plus Kimber home to and FFL near me, it was so blasted smooth and dead-nuts accurate. It must have been several times more than that... it had been in their livery for at least a few years, and went out several times each working day. It went right from another shooter's hands to mine, and when I brought it back in , someone else took it out. I asked... no significant repairs they claimed. The killer was the trigger. Indescribably perfect and light.

Anyway, the businessman in me rebelled at paying anything for an asset that was depreciated to zero both in time and in cycles of use. If a gunsmith got into it, he'd probably pronounce a litany of what needed replacing which might have been summarized in one word: "everything."

Still, it was the best pistol I've ever touched.
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Mmmmm... Pretty.

I like the fancy grips.

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