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American Weakness Leads To Conflicts Worldwide
War Clouds Loom Around The World

There are lists of hot spots which generally include a few hot locations where conflict could emerge. Usually, the probability for conflict is low, even for hot spots.

But something is happening: the number of hot spots is growing and for a few of them, the likelihood of conflict is actually high.

Why are so many hot spots emerging, all at once, and why all the sudden is conflict MORE likely?

Let’s get to the hot spots themselves and then we can at least start the process of answering the question as to WHY this is happening.
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There nothing going on, they are just mad about a 4 month old Youtube video that nobody watched. Didn't you know they have internet in their huts.
Are you a sheep or a sheepdog?
Lets all do the Darfur Shuffle! Angry

[Image: Obama_Bow_Saudi_Animated2.gif]

And kiss whatever suits you... Dodgy

[Image: 486650_463946053646216_965712843_n.jpg]
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[Image: won-rev-big-2.jpg]
This article has a major case of space bar malfunction Big Grin

I believe the US should heed the words on the bottom of this old cent piece designed by Ben Franklin.

[Image: dd44801f-6069-4135-a1e9-7cc5e4528a47.Full.jpg]
We should not forget that the spark which ignited the American Revolution was caused by the British attempt to confiscate the firearms of the colonists. - Patrick Henry

There are certain folks who only respect "big stick" diplomacy. Showing your underbelly only invites more predators, and lowers your status among the rest of the dog pack.

Certain folks need to be strapped with the yoke of dictatorship. They are unable and unwilling to embrace freedom and democracy. Freedom ain't free, and it sure as shinola ain't for everyone.
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Not American weakness, presidential weakness...
Shock and Awe works

If God didn't intend us to have guns why did he give us a trigger finger?
(09-17-2012, 09:59 PM)The War Wagon Wrote: Lets all do the Darfur Shuffle! Angry

[Image: Obama_Bow_Saudi_Animated2.gif]

I can't be the only one here thinking that picture looks like Obama is "skiing" the two dudes with the white turbans, am I?
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