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Americans Rising Up Against Government
Shadowline;135995 Wrote:
ExcelToExcel;135989 Wrote:Everytime I see this picture I want to ask the question. How do all those people just sit there and watch this guy get run over? Then duck tape my head so I don't have my brain explode from the comments.. The next thing I want to do is whenever people swear our military will open fire on us, is show them this picture and ask if the Chinese didn't really do it why would our soldiers do it?

There are a few things to consider here. First, I think CT is a bit different, as it would be state authorities and local LEOs that would have to enforce this law. I think these gunowners are calling their bluff, and I think it'll work. I don't think the state will ever move to enforce.

If they do move to enforce I imagine one of the gun owners will protect his rights with his firearm. Once that happens, everyone will start shooting. It becomes a response to the shooting for the LEOs. If this happens a few times, then I believe the LEOs will start to rebel against the enforcement of the law.

If it gets to that point, then the Federal gov will get involved and it will become a real offensive against all gun owners in CT. Then we'll see if the army will fire on its citizens. I don't think it will get to enforcement at all though.

Unfortunately, you have the media up there poking the government to do something about all the scofflaws, and they probably won't stop until someone is made an example.
Ironically, a couple of years ago I was in Connecticut when gun sales were going through the roof. At a convenience store, I ran into the gentleman who was a firearm salesman. Knowing that the vast majority of the population up there are liberal, and Democrat to boot, I was rather surprised and voiced my sentiment as such , given the increase in gun sales even in Connecticut. When I asked him what he attributed the increase to, his reply was "people up here are afraid that all the rednecks down south have two and three guns and here they are without any". The extreme irony of it all is it pits liberal Democrat against liberal Democrat in that reality is finally starting to take root in light of theoretical nonsense. For instance, the Democrat voter realizes at home weapons are needed to safeguard one's security in these times of unrest, all the while the political liberal Democrats are trying to take them away. Although my heart is definitely with those in defiance, my head says "it couldn't have happened to a better group of people".
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