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An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power
csmith;70718 Wrote:
Philadelphia Patriot;70698 Wrote:I went to my local shooting range a week ago and overheard one of the employees talking to a customer. I forget who brought in the car door(s), but they shot a 9mm, .40, .45, and a few other calibers (maybe .357 magnum, .38 special, etc.). Anyways, he said the .40 was the only round that didn't punch through the car door. Don't shoot the messenger (directed towards every body here), but I am just repeating what I over-heard.

First I've heard of that problem, but I'm not exactly in the know on the subject either. The only talk I've ever seen of a .40 round with penetration issues was the Hornady Critical Defense. Makes me very curious.

The Hobbit;70700 Wrote:No I have heard that it is the least effective of the big three, but according to this it is superior. Also I dont expect to be shooting through car doors in a SD situation.

I thought that as well until I read about a SD shooting where somebody was being pulled out of their car by a perp via the window and fired shots through the door. That was the day I stopped carrying the Hornady Critical Defense mentioned above.

I'm far from a .40 fanboy, I'm always interested to hear about shortcomings with the caliber or where it excels. Usually the negative stuff I see can easily be written off as "neutered 10mm" bashing. After reading both of the above quoted posts though it makes me want to start digging for substantiated dirt on the caliber....not that I'm eagerly looking to change my carry setup.

Maybe this is why Hornady came out with their Cirtical Duty Ammo. Not trying to sell ammo, just saying. It passed the FBI test, which means it is shot through 2 pieces of auto steel, among other tests, and still hit the target.
rodlxix, proud to be a member of since Nov 2012.
In a head to head test in .380, the Buffalo Barnes solid copper +P round that Philly Patriot and I both carry completely destroyed the performance of the Hornady Critical defense load.

The test was against ballistics gel encased pork shoudlers, IIRC. The Buffalo Barnes round broke the bone into numerous pieces and exhibited about 3" penetration of solid bone, whereas the Hornady round just flattened out on the bone.

Maybe he still has the link i sent him.

Critical defense is only tested against denim and bare gel, and it has very low energy, caliber for caliber. It is also very expensive. IMO, it is a terrible choice.

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