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An OC Encounter Kind Of Day
First had to pick up tables and chairs for the picnic tomorrow at the rental center in Mt. Pocono. Now I have talked to this guy before but as I walk in he says "Hey it's the gun guy" and then goes on to say "You know, what you are doing there carrying like that is so important these days, I gotta thank you". Before I can say anything he goes on to say "This country has lost its mind and we have to show these clowns we aren't backing down"

Spent a few minutes talking about other BS grabbed my tables and chairs and split.

Over to Shoprite. I had to excuse myself in one aisle to get a husband and wife out of the middle of the damn aisle and passed the guy strong side. I turn the corner and start down the next aisle and I hear 'Sir, Sir' ... turn around and here's the guy I just passed trying to flag me down. He starts "Are you a cop?" to which I response "Nope". He then goes on "So you can carry openly like that in PA?" ... so I give him the abbreviated version of the speech and when I get to 'if you get into a car you need your license' when he stops me and says "Yeah I have my license, I don't carry because I was afraid someone would see it and I would get into trouble" ... needless to say I'm pretty sure the guy will start carrying tomorrow. Wink

Standing in the checkout there's a guy at the end where the groceries get pushed to and his wife (or girlfriend) beside me. I start putting things on the belt and I hear something out of the guys mouth which I couldn't make out and as I turn first his wife is looking at my hip and then the checkout girl and I hear him say, "American, gotta love it" ... as I look toward him he points and says "PA is an open carry state?" to which I reply "Yup", he smiles and says "That's so cool" ... my guess is they are tourists.
I have encounters like that from time-to-time, but never 3 in one day. Must be yer perfume. Do you smell like chili or something?

A couple years ago, on a Saturday afternoon while the wife and I were out running errands and desperate for some low-rent junk food, we stopped at a nearby Taco Bell. The young guy running the counter was very interested in my OC and we had a little time to talk while waiting for our order. I remember him expressing an interest in OCing himself when he hit 21 and could get his LTCF.

Fast-forward to a couple months ago and I'm out late at night and decide to stop in at a nearby Sheetz. As I'm waiting for my MTO I hear "Open Carry!" ... and "Remember me?" and I did, it was the young guy from Taco Bell now open-carrying his own Ruger in a Serpa!

I can't say he was OCing just because of our chat years ago, he was pretty interested on his own. But it was really neat to see. I ran into him again just last week at Rutters, still OCing, everywhere he goes I guess. Big Grin
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I love reading about OC encounters good or bad. Thanks to all of you guys who post them for making my down time at work more enjoyable.
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Deal_me_in;105758 Wrote:I love reading about OC encounters good or bad. Thanks to all of you guys who post them for making my down time at work more enjoyable.

That's why I'm here.Big Grin
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