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Ankle holster/ Glock 27
I'm looking for recommendations on an ankle holster for a Glock 27. Anybody have any favorites?
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I can't speak of the G27, as I sold mine and never carried it that way, but I have a Galco Ankle Glove that I have used for carry of a Colt Pony and I have nothing but good things to say about it.
All-day carry has never been an issue with it. Very comfortable.
My buddy is a LEO and use to carry a G26 on his ankle as his back up gun. He said the magazine release would always keep getting pressed in and he's be in the middle of driving and his mag would hit the floor. This is also just a personal opinion, but I think a G26 is too heavy for ankle carry. I'm planning on carrying my LCP on my ankle, but before I sold it, I use to carry an LCR on my ankle and I would forget it was there.

Edit: I carried my LCR in a Desantis Apache and I loved it. I plan on buying a Desantis Apache for my LCP.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I was wondering about the weight too, so I looked it up.
The G27 is only .9 oz. heavier than my Colt Pony!

Colt Pony Specs

G27 specs

(pretty cool website ^ too by the way!)
I used to carry a Glock 27 or 26 in a Blackhawk ankle holster. I've carried like that while hiking and at the gym too. You can definitely tell its there. But as long as you have the straps nice and snug, it won't flop around.

I've never had issues with mags dropping out of the gun unless I had an extended mag release installed.
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