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Anonymous talks about Sandy Hook and Gun control
stuebenville is close to where I moved from. it's a collection of small towns and villages. I'm not surprised they're tracking every leo beat. it's like mayberry there aside from the occasional rape drama.
ArcticSplash;62371 Wrote:Anonymous is involved in this rape case in Ohio that's now blow up to national news.

Somehow this summer I managed to summon Anonymous against the City of Philadelphia when I was helping to get attention to a particular drama over a vacant lot here in the City, and suddenly they came out of nowhere.

I think what Anonymous mostly is, from what I saw when the Church of Scientology moved next door to the building I was living in Center City.... are large groups of locals who are heavily involved with it (and are on IRC chat a lot)

Anonymous didn't really appear until I managed to get "LotGate" put in the Associated Press which caused the thing to explode (story got reprinted as far away as Peshawar, Pakistan). When Anonymous posted their video, the developer I was helping freaked and called the FBI, plus the City went on alert thinking would get hacked.

Nothing happened from it though. It did generate some police detective phone calls.

This case in Stubenville OH though is way more creepy... Anonymous is posting the daily habits of LEO officials and stuff like that. Only locals who live in that town would really know any of that townie gossip.

If you believe, which I'm not saying you do... what so many people say about graphic violence and horrible things on the internet causing violence in the real world it's a wonder then there hasn't been far far more Anon related violence than there has been. I go sieving through 4chan (anon's sort of headquarters) about once a quarter just to see what's going on in the sub-basement of the internet and get a read on how they're reacting to things. Every time I do I wish I hadn't because I always see something that cannot be unseen lol. For some reason I never learn that particular stove is hot.

I do find it interesting though how many people discount them without knowing what their message is first and that it was pro-2a. There definitely is a liberal "Occupy Wall Street" faction within anon, but from what I've seen on 4chan they seem to be generally outnumbered by a sort of semi-libertarian faction. They seem to know that when the government ban hammer hits the internet in a big way once they ban guns that 4chan will be first up on the chopping block. Of course though the government won't realize that by destroying 4chan it would splinter them and create more anon-like groups.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
Since Anonymous allegedly is made up to a substantial part of hackers, it should not come as a surprise that it seems modeled after the internet. As such, I would not expect there to be any single entity that has control over or knowledge about everything. They would also communicate anonymously among each other. The only data you cannot possibly "leak" is the data you don't have. And that data cannot be found by the home invaders with the bogus warrant either.

In such a purposely fragmented non-organization, every individual or even group represents "Anonymous" just as much as one gun owner represents "gun owners". Saying "this is" or "this is not" (the video in question) from/by "Anonymous" is therefore pointless. It is equally pointless to debate whether "Anonymous" is friend or foe. Some may be, some may not.

What does have a point is to realize that the enemy of my enemy can be my ally, at least on a case by case and temporary base. Therefore dismissing "Anonymous" in general is unwise.

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