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Another debunk of the usefulness of High Cap mag ban

Quote:2-15 round mags
3-10 round mags
5-6 round mags

Granted that this scenario is not like an active shooting situation but nice comparison nonetheless.

They start with pistols.

At 1:45 the live vid starts BUT good idea to read the info leading up to it IMO.

At 4:15 they review the length of time this shooter took to fire 30 rounds from 3 different groupings of mag sizes.

The first shooter is very experienced, the second is not by their own admission.

At 7:35 they move to rifles. An ar15 with 1-20 rd mag vs. 2-10 rd mags.

At 9:38 they demonstrate the time between relaods VS ho quickly a cowering citizen could run at and maybe tackle a bad guy. REMEMBER, the citizen already know that a reload is coming!!! The distance is about 25'.

AT 11:18 they begin to demonstrate revolvers

At 12:17 they use an over 100 year old pistol.
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saw that a few days ago. very informative video with great information.
The male shooter seems to slow his trigger pull just a tad with the larger cap mags to increase time.

Still, great vid content-wise (the editing was a bit amateurish). It won't make any difference, though. The anti's will argue that this PROVES their point. If one can shoot just as fast with low-cap mags, then there is no reason to have high-cap mags!
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