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Another joins the ranks
My neighbors have gotten to be pretty good friends with my wife and I. They've been open carry friendly from day one, and they've gone to the range with me a few times and loved it. Since the father is stuck doing evening and weekend shifts sometimes, I'll take their boys to the range with me for pistol shooting or to break out the .22LR's.

Then someone tried to break into their house. While they were still home. Dad's response? Buy a shotgun.

Then someone tried to break into a house a couple houses away, and the mom is going to be frequenting downtown Pittsburgh for work and studies. Her response? Get a Ruger LCP and apply for her LTCF.

Next up they want to get a Springfield XDm chambered in .40 S&W, and the father is going to apply for his LTCF.

I'm rather proud of them, and glad they're being proactive about personal protection.

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Thanks for being a positive firearm influence on them! It is always encouraging to hear of more people joining the firearms community. Unfortunately, it seems like more and more people are joining because they feel unsafe. I wish it was for more positive reasons, but more firearm owners are more firearm owners...
Great job! Now, just talk both parents into a good SD course and you are a king. Again, nice job.

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So I had my neighbor's wife bring out the LCP to the range after we finished up a USPSA match so that she could get a feel for it. There were the initial growing pains of getting used to the trigger pull and gripping such a small pistol. However, once she understood that the trigger pull isn't so much heavy as it is long rounds were hitting center of mass consistently.

Grip is something that needs to be worked on, stance a little adjusting, and trigger pull can always be improved. But she's able to place all rounds inside the A zone of an IDPA target at a slow fire, and kept 5 out of 6 rounds inside the A zone firing at 1 rnd/sec. That's a decent start considering she hasn't fired the pistol before, and she hasn't shot a pistol in years.

I'll keep going over basic marksmanship, immediate action drills, and basic SD with her. She wants to hit the range as often as possible now, as does her husband when he gets his Springfield XDm. They also want to get reloading equipment to make ammo cheaper for themselves. Sounds like I got my neighbors hooked.

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