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Another new guy from PAFOA
How ya'll doin'?? From the northern Lehigh Valley, checking in. I'm a cnc machinist, a proud gun owner and 2a supporter, and most proudly, the father of a 4 1/2 mo old.

So, mostly, I'm tired.
outcast86, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
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hello from an old guy from pafoa.

and Congrats!
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An OUTCAST, eh? Sounds like TROUBLE... [Image: chin.gif]

Just what we're LOOKING for! welcome aboard! Tongue
The War Wagon, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012. Anim_banana

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[Image: pa2a_flag.gif] Welcome Aboard Outcast!
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Happy you made it over to the new place.

I know that you are fairly new at the 'old' place, but you posted in a thread with political overtones and I thought you should know that many of us came here because political speech was shut down there.

Anyway, settle in and get comfy...

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Thanks for the welcoming, folks. I like that this forum is just getting underway. That way I wont have much to catch up on, lol. I welcome a good political debate every now and then. Thanks to Longcall for the invite.
outcast86, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.

I'm sure you'll fit in well there, Outcast!
Welcome! Good place here

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Certified Range Safety Officer. Proud member of the NRA, GOA and GSSF. PA2A since Sep 2012.
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