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Another one, late to the party...
Surprised? Yeah, I didn't think so. Rolleyes

So anyway, just wanted to say hi. I joined a while back when I got a PM from someone telling me about this forum but I haven't posted until now. I'm liking it better already! I'm DC2.2GSR over there at that other place. I know most of you kept your same user names, but I used the opportunity to switch from an old car-related user name to this one, a name I use for lots of other junk. Preston and Steve listeners will get the reference. All others (it's sort of old, but still hilarious!):
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Well in that case...welcome
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Welcome! Better late than never

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It wasn't a party until you got here. I love P&S I miss listening to them.
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I sent you a PM on Sep 13, but others may have too. In any case, welcome. Here, we are free to speak without restriction except for the normal need to keep it civil, and of course, no illegal stuff. Most of us are committed to self policing. To me, that means calling people out on things like trolling & name calling, so that things don't progress to the point of needing a Mod to play babysitter/cop.

So far, that approach seems to be working. Lots of folks are posting in both forums, but many have severed the chord entirely.

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Welcome aboard!
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