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Anti Gun Friends
Dave;127255 Wrote:I think we may have different definitions of friends Big Grin

I did the FB thing for a while. Thought it was mostly silly. Yeah, I get some of it and understand the appeal. But it seems to me just another way to minimize more human contact. Others may say that it actually increases it since you can stay in contact with those who moved, etc. and I don't disagree to a point.

I'm not against FB. But it would be nice to pick up the phone once a year instead of me knowing every time you are eating at a Outback somewhere in FL.

I still however feel sorry for those who drop people for reasons such as their views on guns and remain glad I don't live my life in such a short sighted way.

You may be surprised, I may call a person a friend only because it is easier to explain that they are merely an aquaintance who i am often friendly with, but would not put my neck on the line for, so I call them friend because of the simplicity of the term and would rather avoid the over explanation required to truly place them on the proper place in the chart of how important they are in my life, but those who are my actual friends are a very small and select group which I could probably count on two or three fingers.

And short sighted views? T each their own, but usually there are deficiencies in other areas as well. And "friends" on Facebook rarely warrant a call or email, which is the litmus test for friendship,mno? Hence the relative ease in dropping said people and not feeling as though it is living life in a short sighted way.
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The bad part about having lived in multiple states is that you tend to not be able to keep close friendships, and pretty much everyone is a varied form of "acquaintance". Thus, Facebook isn't too much different for me...I do try to keep my friend list trimmed down.
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Being a lefty liberal California native who also shoots guns, I have more than my share of disapproving friends and acquaintances. Especially since I've hung out a lot in the New York area folk-music scene. I make no secret of it--- either my politics or my fondness for firearms. Anybody who doesn't like either of same can go away if they choose; says more about them than it does me. Surprisingly, though, I have quite a few lefty liberal friends who've taken the occasion to "come out" as 2nd Amendment constructionists.
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I post gun range videos to my FB. I know some of my friends loathe it like baby photos.
I quit Facebook and smoking this past year. Both of them were bad for my health.

I was in a decently-known local band. I got to know a pretty large group of people from playing in local bars and meeting other bands. I used Facebook to post things about shows and our CD's. Standard stuff. I posted funny shit and pictures. I guess I was your typical poster. Then something happened, I started waking up to things. I started seeing the world for what it was, and the people steering it for who they were. I became one of those dreaded politically-charged Facebookers.

I posted anti-war pictures. I posted pro-gun rants. I posted my thoughts on organized religion. I posted my reasons for opposing professional sports for the distraction that they are. I even went as far as to post my thoughts on certain events in our recent history that I didn't believe official stories of. You woulda thought the fucking world ended (and most of that was over the football posts). I was actually told, on more than one occasion, that I was a mean-spirited asshole because I pointed out that our current president is a piece of shit. Not gonna lie, I voted for him the first time because of his anti-war stance... that turned out to be about as real as his family history. I saw the error of my ways quickly, many people that I knew did not.

The anti-gun folks left first. They quickly reared their ugly heads, posted something ignorant based on misinformed statistics, and *poof* they were gone. It was like opening the curtains at Dracula's place at noon. The ones that stuck around and hid their emotions, ran screaming after my thoughts on the Colorado theater shooting, Sandy Hook, and the media circus that followed each event. It's amazing how people feel they should be able to take your rights away just because the media told them it was the "sensible" thing to do "for the kids" or "for the victims". So they all fucked off.

I had 90% of my family delete me because they thought I was against the military because I'm opposed to preemptive wars based on lies and deception. I want our brothers and sisters to be home where they belong, not off in another country being used as meat to feed the corporate-run war machine. I had a handful of "friends" delete me because my views of religion didn't fit the version of god that they were spoon-fed. And the anti-pro-sports posts... well, lets just say that even my best friends bailed on me after that one. Amazing what people REALLY care about. Over a period of 2 years, my "friends" list went from over 300 (and yes I knew 90% of them in real life), down to about 65.

I figured, after all of that, the ones that were left were actual, real friends... I was right for the most part... until I deleted my FB account. Now, 4 of them talk to me on a normal basis. And by normal I mean at least twice a month. I took the easy button away from friendship and forced people to actually have to do more than just "like" or post a "hell yeah" under my status updates. People say Facebook isn't real life... oh, it's real life, and shows people's true colors. We spend way too much time these days caring what people think of us, and Facebook just amplified that a million times over.

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