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Anti Gun Video Teaches Kids To Steal Their Parents Guns...
HOLY SHIT! (that's all I can say...)

Count the felonies.

Same Video (in case the first one is removed):

The stupid... it burns!
WTF?! How is this PSA supposed to stop "gun violence"? Was the Mom or Dad a convicted felon?

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Good thing I brought my kids up right.
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bigdawgbeav;159119 Wrote:WTF?! How is this PSA supposed to stop "gun violence"? Was the Mom or Dad a convicted felon?

Well the kid would be one after doing that. That PSA is just dangerously stupid.
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This absolutely has to be fake. Was this on The Onion?

You can't actually believe that anti gunners are so brainless and fucktarded as to truly promote something so ridiculously dangerous and insanely criminal.


I mean their other arguments have been so factual and rational...

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Appears to be real:

Could you expect anything less from the Granola state?
Wow. Just wow.
Oh my god! They will really stop at nothing to take people's guns away! Now they want to enlist children to steal their parents firearms?! The sheer danger of a kid who doesn't know how to handle a firearm taking one to school like this safely is reason enough not to do this. Imagine if a kid really did this! We'd all see the school on lockdown on the evening news, the kid would be expelled and probably charged with a crime and the parents would be tossed in prison in many liberal states. PSA..."Steal your parent's gun and destroy your future and your family in the process!" What a great idea Rolleyes! I hope if any kid actually tries this the people responsible for the video are all thrown in prison, but we know that will never happen!

These anti's truely have no shame.
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Does it surprise anybody that they want more kids to take guns to school so they can get slapped with zero tolerance and become half reported media spectacles?
The law? The law is a human institution...
It's just so disgusting they're willing to sacrifice children in order to promote their progressive agenda.
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