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Any Hams on board
I'm contemplating getting into HAM radio to keep in touch with the outside in a SHTF scenario and I'm not really sure where to start. I'm pretty sure that there is at least one local club but what am I looking for in a club? Start me slow folks, I can be a little dense at times. Big Grin
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Start here: That should probably help you find a local club.
I would be interested in seeing if we have anyone here too. I'm getting a present here shortly. My grandpa is getting out of the ham game, and is giving me all his gear. Just need to get the licensing done.
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There are quite a few cross-overs between amateur radio licensees and gun owners. Many of the critical thinking skills are similar.

There was a time when a certain "Liberty-Net" group met on 3950 (lsb) and discussed a lot of the same topics as here.

With a general or higher class, a licensee can operate in many locations between approximately 1.8 MHz and 28 MHz. If you want a copy of the bandplan, click >here<.

Also note that amateur radio holds an annual event called "field day" (Wiki - official web site), the essence is making as many unique contacts as possible over one weekend while running off the grid. Sound familiar? This is what you might call a "SHTF" field exercise. Here are a couple of images from Field Day 1967, it made the local newspaper.

[Image: fieldday-1966-RonBaileyEdStolzfuswi.jpg]
This was the beginning of a 200 meter balloon lift wire antenna. A great deal of the equipment was either military (hydrogen generators, balloons, etc) as were many of the participants. The two men in this photo were ex-military. One was army, the other ex-OSS/W.W.II. Both were radio enthusiasts operating in a non-official capacity.

[Image: Fieldday1967-lookingbacktowardsshac.jpg]
Some tents being set up early Friday. Note the canvas tent, dome tents were a long way off.

I haven't been on the air in a while, after working on radio communication stuff all day, it's lost a little novelty when I get home.
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