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Any knife makers hanging out here?
Well anyone make knives? You make them for yourself or do you sell them? I always like checking out people's work. I've never made a knife, but I've always really appreciated the lines of a well made knife.
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I've designed my own knife on paper, but I don't know the first thing about actually making it Smile Plus, I ripped off a few patents... Big Grin
Guns... I have a few.
I actually sell knives. A couple of my suppliers have the blades where you can make your own handle. i have not tried yet as I am more into folders like someone would carry everyday.

If I can get a pic of it I actually won a knife in college when I was in rodeo. its a spyderco with a trophy design on the side. It is too heavy to carry though
I'm dabbling. This knife is now black, but I don't have any pics handy. Sorry this pic sucks.Shrug
[Image: 8079796871_bd8fd99804_c.jpg]
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Not a knifemaker yet, but I do make pattern welded steel. Lately I've been using 1095 and cp nickel.
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I've been slowly picking up the hardware necessary to begin making knives semi-seriously. I just need to pick up a forge or make a gas furnace for forging/heat treating. I made a half-assed combat knife from a file about 25 years ago.

I just recently made these two ulu knives (uluit) from saw blades to be used during the upcoming hunting/trapping season.

[Image: IMG00775-20120913-1532.jpg]

If you're interested, here's a tutorial that I put together on another forum that frequent.

Ulu making tutorial

I've got one more blade ready to go. I just need to find the time to work on it.
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I have been making knives on-and-off for the past 18 years. I have hand forged in old coal blacksmith furnaces, gas furnaces and done some stock removal. If you plan on getting into it my only advice is to take your time, and be patient. Rushed work is bad work!
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I made one years ago in metal shop. Something I would like to get into, but I don't have money to burn, and have no idea on how to make a decent one.

What I did in metal shop was cut
Out a blade shape, and hit it with the grinder. It
Worked well enough for general cutting. But nothing I would carry.
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How would one start to learn basic blacksmithing and eventually get into knife making? Shrug

As a hobby/side project...
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15Truckman;29156 Wrote:How would one start to learn basic blacksmithing and eventually get into knife making? Shrug

As a hobby/side project...

Well, you don't really need to learn blacksmithing to make knives unless you plan on forging your knives, or make your own pattern-welded (damascus) steel. You can do most of it with a grinder and a few tools. However, you can save a fair amount of time forging over grinding. (Easier to move the metal when hot than griding.)

If you do want to learn to forge your work, you will need a forge. First thing is do you want to use coal/charcoal or gas to heat your work.

Coal/charcoal forges are pretty easy to make/get. Pan with a hole in the bottom and fire clay to insulate, and some sort of way of getting air to draft up through the hole. Smithing coal is usually bituminous, as it tends to stay lit easily and 'cokes up' well. Anthracite is harder to keep lit and to work with. Charcoal is hardwood chunk charcoal. BBQ charcoal has too much junk in it to work well.

Gas (usually propane, but natural gas is used as well) is also fairly easy to set up if you are good with tools. Venturi forges (no blower) can be made out of a metal shell, some rock-wool (kaowool or the like) insulation and parts from a plumbing store. They are instant on, and come up to temperature quickly, and can be safely shut off quickly.

Let me know what path you want to take, and I'll try and direct you to some sources.
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