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Anyone ever fall asleep with a holstered weapon?
Woke up on the couch in front of the TV with a big fat imprint. Whistling
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I always do, just in case the greys show up for an abduction.
Plenty of times. Shrug
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Yeah. It's another reason I stopped using kydex paddle holsters, like SERPAs.
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In short, yes while sitting in a chair or on a couch. I never did while laying down on a couch or in a bed.
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Many midnight shifts.
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streaker69;111664 Wrote:I always do, just in case the greys show up for an abduction.

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unclejumbo;111674 Wrote:Many midnight shifts.

Sleepin' on the job, huh? Figures. Tongue
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Yep, I found this new drug that puts me the sleep all the time, it's called TV, no matter if I'm ready for sleep, dressed or not. Never in bed though, just in my big comfy chair.

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