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Anyone know a place to find used hospital equipment locally?
Since I spent last week in the hospital with my wife examining the various pieces of equipment in the halls I keep coming back to thinking about how amazing it would be to find a used hospital crash cart to convert into a tool chest for my garage one like this:

[Image: pediatric-cart.jpg]

Color coded drawers, bumpers around the base, nice casters that don't make noise, retractable surface ample mounting to the sides. These things look nicer than any NEW tool chest I've ever seen. I'd live to find a company that sells this kind of stuff used or maybe a hospital that auctions off their old gear.

Their computer carts are also awesome.

[Image: CareLink-cart.jpg]

and then for the ceiling over my workbench...drool...

[Image: operation-light-1007cs.jpg]
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Besides search engines I cant help. I would think that stuffs pretty expensive even used though, but I could be wrong. Just make sure you clean the hell out of anything from the medical field. Im a germophobe big time. Good luck man.

Had to look. try here.
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Our local hospital has a sale every couple of years to sell off office equipment and other items. Might want to check around your area to see if they do the same.

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