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Anyone Own a Kahr CM9?
Please give me your thoughts on the CM9. Do you like it? Is it reliable? Would you recommend for CC? Thank you. das
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I have a Kahr CW9. Originally I wanted the CM9 but found it to be too small to comfortably hold, never shot it, but being so small, even with the extended magazine, I imagine it would be a tough one to hang onto shooting it.

I opted for the CW9 which I shot several thousand trouble free rounds through. Eventually the trigger bar broke, Kahr replaced it with no questions asked. Kind of lost faith in it though, real or imagined, and now I carry a Ruger SP101 .357 magnum.

CW9 on the left.

[Image: CW9vsPM9ext.jpg]

The CM9 & PM9 (below) are identical in size, the PM9 has more "bling" and is more expensive.

[Image: KahrCW9-KahrPM9NEWcomparison-1.jpg]

[Image: cm-chart.jpg]
I like mine a lot. My CM9 went through the 200 round break in without a burp, so I considered it reliable to trust. No issues in the year and a half I have owned it, except for the original magazine base plate would not stay in position. Kahr had a a batch of magazines that had been made out of spec; Kahr did send me a properly made replacement magazine.

Recoil is not an issue for such a compact 9mm. I did add a Hogue HandAll Jr. Lobo Gun Leather made a holster for me.

The CM9 rides lightly on my belt, and that is a big plus for me, as I carry more than enough weight around the waist as it is. It hides real well.

Accuracy is excellent. The trigger pull smooth.

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Kahr is owned by the leader of the "Moonie" church, if you care about that kind of thing.
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jahwarrior72;106782 Wrote:Kahr is owned by the leader of the "Moonie" church, if you care about that kind of thing.

I find that interesting, thanks. But are people actually walking around saying, "I'm not buying no darn Moonie gun!" LOL Smile I mean, didn't they have like 15 minutes of fame when 60 Minutes jumped the shark in the early 80s? 1979 called, it wants it's hate group back (and a polyester suit) Smile
I produced precise formulations for what you call, "Black Powder," for General Washington. If not for me, you would be speaking the Queen's English today. Say my name, which you cannot find with an internet search, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
I own the PM9 and, during the summer, I don't leave home without it. I use a pocket holster and I love the gun. So much easier to slip it in my pocket than to try to conceal my Glock or 1911 with an untucked t-shirt or polo type shirt. Trigger is awesome for a pocket pistol.
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What r u dooing wit dat leetle girrlee gun?

[Image: 2hxorhe.jpg]
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You wouldn't be able to run as many people over with that car if it didn't drive as far. It should only have a 10 gallon fuel tank.
I had one and also ended up also buying a hard chromed PF9. The CM9 was heavier, fatter, had no rail, was a pain to take apart, and held one less round. Yes, the trigger on the CM9 was nicer, but I was carrying it more than I was shooting it, so I preferred the one that carried better, and the +1. I had the CM9 for six months before selling it. I plan on buying another hard chromed PF9 for the wife to carry. I'll probably get new triggers for both, and the +1 extension made if a much more comfortable gun to shoot than even the CM9.

The PF9, even with +1 is easily pocketable for me in jeans, khakis, and dress pants. The CM9 made more of a bulge, tended to fall away from my body, and was harder to draw from a pocket. I can carry the PF9 in gym shorts in a remora holster without it making my shorts sag.

Be advised, the Kahr is a better weapon. It has more metal parts (guiderod, trigger-which can be purchased for the pf9, but don't come with it ), and looks and feels more solidly built. In my opinion, I'd rather have the PF9, but probably only the hard chromed one, since I hear the standard finish and parkerizing on them is bad. Also, some people have reliability issues with their kel-tecs, most of which can be remedied with a dremel and some polishing compound. Some people don't want to have to do work on a new gun, and I understand that at a certain price point. Mine has been great, didn't require a fluff and buff, and the folks at are helpful and great at troubleshooting these things.

ETA: I think one issue with most Kahrs is that the designers seem to start from the top-down and seem to give up before they get to the magwell. The way the mag sticks out looks terrible and two people that shot mine had issues with it pinching their fingers. If you can't tuck your pinky entirely under, it could be an issue. It would be resolved with a 7 round mag.
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