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AR-15, finally got one
I finally remembered my login here, so I figured I should post this here too.

Well, it's taken me a while to slowly scrape together the money to build the AR-15 I've wanted. Close to 3 years, actually. But I've finally gotten her pretty much finished up how I want her.

It isn't an ultra tacticool super secret squirrel sexed out rifle, but it's pretty damn nice.

I started with a stripped blemished PSA lower, which turned out not to have a single blemish on it. Then I waited around for a deal and got a PTAC lower build kit and a PTAC 16" upper with a YHM rifle length rail with charging handle and BCG.

Total cost for the rifle to be put together was $536.97 shipped.

Can't really fire a rifle accurately without sights or optics though, so I saved up and got a Primary Arms red dot, the AA powered model. 10,000 hours of battery life, and powered on one of the most common batteries out there. On top of that, Primary Arms has shown some pretty good torture tests of their gear, so hard to go wrong with it. $110.49 shipped.

Now I've got a rifle with a nice red dot, with tons of rail space. What to do?

Simple: find deals on stuff to add on accessories that help ergos so it's nicer to shoot.

I got a deal on a vertical foregrip from a friend for $15. He threw in a weapons light for another $20. I was able to get rail covers for $10 from another friend since he switched to ladders instead of full covers, He tossed in a few mags for just $10 too. Your mileage may vary, but it's easy to find similar on the classified sections of forums. Total: $55.

So now it's got the basic accessories that I wanted on my rifle. What else? How about adding in a sling? Turns out that my local gun store actually had a looped endplate and rail adapter made by Blackhawk for pretty cheap; $20 and $30 respectively. Total: $50.

Ok, sling adapters installed, now for a sling. Well, rather than buy one, I made one from 550 cord, (2) carabiners, and an O-ring. It was a simple king cobra weave, and I was able to make it a 1-2 point sling that was fitted for me. Total: $15.

And viola, rifle is now complete (for now). Grand total: $767.46.

I'm not quite done yet, but I'll wait a little more before I add on a different weapons light, likely a NiteForce P12. I've found them online with a rail mount and pressure switch for between $75-80 shipped. Or I can just skip the pressure switch and use the tailcap, and it'll be around $70 shipped. I'll likely switch out the vertical foregrip with an angled foregrip, though a friend said he'll just give me his since he didn't like it but it suits me just fine.

All that for under $1,000. Shoots smooth, trigger isn't bad at all, has run Wolf Gold, Federal, PMC, and hand loaded ammo without an issue. Group at 100 yards was just under 2" with a 3 MOA dot. All in all, pretty damn good.

Moral of the story? Building an AR-15 is definitely doable. Building it how you want it is definitely doable. Just gotta look for the right deals and be patient, but you'll get what you want.

[Image: ZXKoh5ql.jpg?1] [Image: d8LtXmYl.jpg?1]

[Image: X32SLCgl.jpg?1]

A lot of folks seemed to dig the sling. It was really easy to make, and all you need is 550 cord, two carabiners, and an O-ring. You can use HK clips or QD sling swivels too; carabiners were just more readily available to me.

The sling is a simple Solomon's knot (cobra weave), and then another Solomon's knot on top of that. Depending on how much space you have, you can have four strands of 550 cord wrapping around the carabiners to give a ton of strength to the sling; the hardware is more likely to give before the cord snaps.

Since I wanted to make it a 1-2 point sling, I measured out how much cord was needed to wrap around my chest and shoulder in the 1-point configuration. That gave me an idea of where to weave in the O-ring, and how much much extra to give to allow the rifle to hang where I wanted it. I made sure that there was enough length in the 2-point configuration after that so that when I shouldered the rifle it came right into place. Make sure to do this with your flak jacket/chest rig/whatever.

After that it was pretty simple. I wove the first Solomon's knot, and made sure to weave the O-ring into it. Then I did the same thing on top of that with the same knot.

[Image: xSGt8UJl.jpg]

[Image: 2DhADExl.jpg] [Image: 8puz7fCl.jpg]

[Image: V4uVRe5l.jpg]

[Image: 1PTpm76l.jpg]

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
Very nice! Well done. I do like the sling. Congratz and enjoy shooting it.Twothumbsup
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Looks good! Nice job all around!!
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Congrats, and the waiting paid off. That is a very pretty rifle.
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The worst part about all this is that I already want to build another one.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
ShaulWolf;154533 Wrote:The worst part about all this is that I already want to build another one.

Yup it never fails Big Grin

How are you liking the sling setup? I have been after my wife to make one but she wants to see more pictures and examples. While I have a found a few pictures of 3 point setups yours looks really nice.
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I'm actually enjoying the sling quite a bit. I have it in 2-point configuration most of the time, and I've switched the rear carabiner to the attachment point on the backplate. When I bring the rifle up it shoulders perfectly, and I tested this with my flak jacket as well, so I know there'll be more than enough slack when I switch over to the shorter M4 my unit issues me.

It's pretty good in the 1-point configuration as well, though I'd only use that if I had to do close in work or was anticipating having to switch to my off shoulder. I like having the option though.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
ShaulWolf;154533 Wrote:The worst part about all this is that I already want to build another one.

Here's a good start.
I saw that earlier, and my wife told me she'd divorce me if I started on another AR before I finished up with the one I already have (not being serious, of course, but the point was made). I didn't have the heart to tell her just yet that you never really 'finish' with an AR, you just get something that suits a different set of requirements better.

I'll have to hold off on buying another stripped lower since I still have to get more pistol bullets and save up for that light. I'll probably get another lower around the same time I can get more reloading components. I don't go through enough rifle rounds just yet to warrant a set of .223 and .30-30 dies, but I have a feeling that's what I'll be getting next year after my annual training pay.

Although... I'm sure that a stripped lower would make for a fantastic Christmas gift to myself...

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
ShaulWolf;154598 Wrote:I'll have to hold off on buying another stripped lower since I still have to get more pistol bullets and save up for that light.

Why not sell some of those slings? Skim the profit from the cost of the para cord. You could own a few more AR's before you know it!
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