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AR Addiction
Well, y'all have done it... Y'all are a bunch of enabling jerks, who have led me down this path.

I started out with a budget build:
-PSA lower
-PTAC 16" carbine length w/ YHM Diamond rail

Then I got a PA red dot for her because I wanted something better than the TruGlo red dot my friend gave me. Then I got a light for her. And sling adaptors. And an AFG. And BUIS. Pretty soon she went from a budget Plain-Jane to something sexy and ninja.

[Image: 2lsYUZIh.jpg]
[Image: SeC8jhwh.jpg]

But she was a heavy girl, and thick too. Honestly, not a huge deal, but she was a harder to swing around than my buddy's lightweight build, so I started looking around.

Then PSA had a sale, and I sprung on it. So now I have a PSA Freedom 16" mid length with MI SSK 12" keymod rail.

I swapped almost all those accessories over, and threw on a Rolling Thunder comp that my friend gave me (same one who gave me the TruGlo). She shoots flat as a laser beam, and easily weighs in 2 lbs less. Scale says she's 7 lbs 2 oz unloaded with the RDS and accessories.

[Image: jF4AOkph.jpg]
[Image: I5iGZRoh.jpg]

Now I want to see what other brakes/comps I can add, and a handstop and a micro RDS to the keymodded upper. Maybe a govt profile barrel and suppressor too. Oh, and a scope mount and 1-4x scope for the quad railed upper. And a second lower so that I can have 2 complete rifles to keep each other company.

I think y'all are awesome, but my wallet (and wife) hate you all.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]
Yeah all the accessories are cool until you have to run and gun... or carry it a few miles with additional gear.
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You're welcome.
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In all seriousness...

I ended up with the keymod upper because it was a really good sale, and I wanted something lighter and slimmer. I don't plan on adding anything more than a lightweight handstop so that I can index where to grip quickly. The accessories are kept to a minimum: optic, BUIS, and white light. Total weight unloaded is currently 7 lbs 2 oz. Loaded it's 8 lbs 2 oz. If I get a micro RDS I can shave off roughly 8 oz from that total weight, but I'm not going to worry about that for a while. The only other upgrades I'm considering are a Black Widow No-mar QD end plate and Strike Industries King Comp.

I'm going to turn the quad railed upper into a recce-ish build since she shoots pretty damn well. I'm just going to put on a scope mount, 3-9x scope that I already own, and maybe a bipod adapter since I have a Harris style bipod. I'll pick up a 1-4x scope that's lighter to throw on when I can and call it a done deal. It's going to be less for run-and-gun and more for mid range shooting.

Eventually I'll grab a suppressor, but that's not going to be until after I swap out the trigger on my M&P for an APEX kit, get a Mossberg 500, and a lower for the 2nd upper.

[Image: 21122657_10155704889299275_8952212329936901321_o_2.jpg]

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