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Are spring assisted knives legal in Pa.?
das;162959 Wrote:OK the Bucks Co. Sheriff said they are ILLEGAL. Even though they are spring assisted they are considered the same as a switch blade. Is it worth your your right to own a firearm by carrying one? For me NO. This is only info for you. Im not trying to tell anyone what to do.

Pfft. I wouldn't take any LEO's advice concerning the law. They go to cop school, not law school. When I applied for my LTCF for the first time, I was told open carry was illegal, and the Scranton PD was absolutely sure I had to produce my ID on demand while open carrying on foot.

Check your municipal laws to be sure. There's a site,, I think, that would have the laws posted.
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Ask him if your handgun is registered. I'll bet he gets that one wrong too.
Emptymag;162970 Wrote:Ask him if your handgun is registered. I'll bet he gets that one wrong too.

Ha! I once got into a heated argument with a deputy at the courthouse because she was convinced butterfly knives were illegal, while I was trying to store one, along with my gun and some other shit. Even showing her the fucking court decision on my smartphone wasn't convincing that bitch. It took another deputy to tell her to chill out for her to give up.

On a side note, autos are illegal even for LEO's to carry.
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Yeah, the knife laws are pretty convoluted. I saw a chart once on knife laws in PA knife laws and it was quite large due all the exceptions and limitations. Many politicians don't consider knives to be covered under the Second Amendment, and feel they can regulate them however they want.
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So this means I should not have purchased my Kershaw leek to carry in my purse, huh? And that I should remove it from my purse?

How ridiculous is it that they trust me to carry a gun but not a knife?
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You might enjoy this article:

But PA knife law is also infuriatingly vague, and there is no preemption of more restrictive local ordinances. This lack of preemption lets Philadelphia get away with the most stupidly restrictive knife law I’ve ever heard of anywhere in the United States: complete prohibition, as in ‘no cutting weapons in public.’ Period. Ever. Unless you’re actually using one in your job in public.

I'll try to see if I can find the page I was talking about and link that too.
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I asked over at a local gun shop and they said as far as they know, spring assist is legal in Bucks county.

But even if not, it would seem to be far fetched for a law abiding citizen to actually get detained and searched for one.
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Thread necromancy:

Unless your jurisdiction has a law specifically making the possession of an assisted opening knife illegal, it's perfectly legal.
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pinhead1979;162960 Wrote:Laws should be illegal.

If we were to make a law that made laws illegal wouldn't that law in itself be illegal?

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