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Are you considering a change in your carry weapon if mag limits happen?
Are any of you considering a change in carry waepon if mag capacity limits are put into effect?

I consider comfort, concealability as factors in what I carry.

However, stopping power is also an issue. My XD-9sc can carry 13 or 16 rds, but why not switch to my xd-40sc or Glock 30 if a 10 round mag becomes a reality?

Have any of you had similar thoughts?
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Normanvin;66224 Wrote:No..........

Not for a 10 round limit... especially one with no grandfathering.

If it is a 5 round limit like NY is considering, then its a different story.
I wouldn't consider changing what I normally carry unless a retroactive ban were to go into effect. If that were the case, I might swap out the G19 for a single stack 9mm (like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield) for its slimmer size.
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No. Seems like most of the chatter is around banning hi-cap mags from being sold. I have heard nothing about carry or banning from current ownership except from the most radical idiots.

That said, my carry these days is a 1911 with an 8-round mag. I also have a 10-round mag for it. My other pistol is an XD45 with all 13-round mags, although no one except an 'enthusiast' would know that just from looking.
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Nope, Glock 27 9+1.

If they made a 5 round limit I may just get pissed off enough to start open carrying a 500 S&W. Big Grin
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They cannot pass a law with no "grandfathering" as what was legal to purchase and own before the "ban" would now be illegal. Historically the courts have only allowed retroactive changes to consequences of convictions to stand, refer to misdemeanor spouse abuse prohibition on owning a firearm. In the case of gun control even the 1994 AWB contained a grandfather clause.
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To answer original question: No.
Yes, a 30 round AK.
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That's how amusing i find that particular "exercise of rights" to be.

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